Baska Voda Travel Guide

Baska Voda is widely regarded as one of the most attractive touristic places in Croatia. This charming village with over 2,900 residents has everything to be named earthy heaven. Located on mild and picturesque Adriatic seashore in 10 km northwest of Makarska this village boggles the imagination by its prolonged pebbly beaches, great mountain landscapes, azure sea and sunny climate.

Baska Voda, Croatia

Tourist attractions. In antiquity Baska Voda was a small settlement of agriculturists and fishermen. The village was first mentioned in 1688 as "Baska" on the "Coranelli" geographical map. Baska was a small settlement near the fresh water spring in the Biokovo highland. Later, in the 18th century the residents left the hillsides and formed the Baska Voda settlement on the seashore. Modern Baska Voda is a well developed touristic center, although pieces of its unique history and culture remained from ancient times are still interesting for lots of tourists.

Even short Baska Voda travel will become remarkable if you visit at least some of its monuments and museums, like the following:

  • The Late Baroque Church of St. Laurence (built in 1750),
  • Church of St. Nikola (built in 1889),
  • Ethnographic, malacogical museums and many others.

Festivals and cultural events. Baska Voda travel will be always full of cultural and entertainment programs. Many exciting festivals are held in the village, for instance the Good Friday procession that passes an over 15 way through all nearest settlements; the magnificent Day of St. Nicholas (6th of December). On the St. Lawrence's Day (the 10th of August) the music and singing festival fills Baska Voda with wonderful sounds, funny laugh and smells of tasty food.

Restaurants. Holidays in Baska Voda can't go without its delicious seafood, homemade wine and cheese. Various bars, taverns and restaurants offer wonderful meals of natural and European cuisine, homy atmosphere and wonderful marines.

Beaches. Whenever you come to Baska Voda holidays will be full of natural beauty, fresh mountain air and limpid sea. In summer hanging on the beaches is among favorite touristic activities. Actually, long stripes of clean and accurate pebbly beaches with warm azure sea are worth it. The main Baska Voda beach was marked by the Blue Flag for its natural beauty and ideal touristic conditions.

Active vacations. For active people the Baska Voda holidays are full of opportunities like sports (tennis, table tennis, football, handball, swimming, fishing, hiking etc.). Interesting excursions to the nearest villages and islands are offered as well. Hiking to the beautiful Biokovo Mountain will bring you unforgettable experience.

An ideal combination of good location and inimitable nature along with widely developed services make Baska Voda one of the most popular tourist centers in Croatia. The first hotel has appeared here in the early 20th century, since then plenty of different hotels and hostelries have grown here providing tourists all conditions for the comfortable rest.