Beaches in Croatia

Croatian beaches owe its popularity to exceptionally mild and salubrious climate, carefully preserved environment and the diversity and beauty of the 1.780 km long sun-drenched coastline with numberless bays, coves, capes and peninsulas. Its 1185 smaller and bigger islands are another magnet for holidaymakers coming from all over the world.

The duration of the beach season in Croatia covers a period from April till October. The inrush of tourists in July and August is balanced with the quieter months of June and September.

The rich variety of Croatia's beach resorts makes an irresistible appeal, too. The shallow and shady beaches attract non-swimmers and families with kids. Most of them are easily reachable and well equipped with recreational content, such as cafes and bars organizing night parties, water sports gear, playgrounds and courts. A good number of beaches in Croatia offer favourable wind for windsurfers and incredible water visibility for divers.

Alongside with natural bays, many hotels offer paved terraces that are usually public and free to access.

Whatever natural or arranged swimming areas you visit Croatian beaches will provide untouched nature, grand scenery, amazingly clean and clear waters of the warm and calm Adriatic Sea. Scores of them carry the Blue Flag ecological sign for the supreme quality of water and coast.

The Best Sandy Beaches in Croatia

Sandy beaches are not so numerous, but those that are available are often referred to as the best beaches in Croatia. Lovely stretches of sand are found in Kvarner and Dalmatia, but are a particular rarity in Istria.

The Best Pebble Beaches in Croatia

Rocky and pebble beaches dominate the coast from Istria to South Dalmatia.

The Best Nudist Beaches in Croatia

There are many beautiful bays perfect for naturism as well as dozens of official camps that can be found in every coastal region of Croatia.

The Best Hidden Beaches in Croatia

If you feel like enjoying tranquility and harmony unaffected by the bustle of overcrowded resorts you are sure to come across many idyllic coves while exploring the shores on foot or by boat.