Crikvenica Travel Guide

Crikvenica is the biggest town of the Vinodol area, Croatia, with the population about 8000. It enjoys over 2,500 hours of sunshine annually, boasts luxuriant vegetation and abounds in magnificent beaches. You will be offered anything but a boring time there, so that you will never forget your Crikvenica travel.

Crikvenica Croatia

Being one of the most popular coastal resorts of Croatia, Crikvenica is easy to reach from Rijeka Airport which is only 20 km from this town. Rijeka has regular bus, train and boat connections with Crikvenica.

Tourist attractions. The earliest inhabitants of Crikvenica were Illyrians, succeeded by Romans who called the town Ad Turres. In the 8th c. the area was settled by Croats who changed Ad Turres into "Kod Tor" ("by the towers"), which was later shortened to "Kotor". During the Middle Ages the town was ruled by Frankopan counts of Krk. Today's Crikvenica was founded by Nikola IV Frankopan in the 15th c. In the 19th c. the town became one of the best health resorts of Croatia.

For a taste of history, visit Kotor where you will see the ruins of a prehistoric settlement and the remains of medieval buildings. Those who want to admire the beauty of sacred architecture shouldn't miss the Pavlina Convent (15th c.) and the nearby church of Blessed Virgin Mary. Finally, no Crikvenica travel is complete without a visit to Crikvenica Aquarium which has more than 150 species of fish.

Beaches. Travelers spending their holidays in Crikvenica will be delighted to see a lot of fabulous beaches. Crni Molo is the most popular beach of the town not only among families with kids but also among young people. The sandy pebble beach called Gradsko Kupalište Crikvenica, located 200 m from the center, stretches for 1.5 km and is also suitable for all ages with the advantage of a pleasant shade. The pebble beach Omorika and numerous beaches of Kacjak (Dramlja) are visited mostly by families with children.

Restaurants. Wherever you go during your Crikvenica travel, there are fine restaurants waiting for you. Amor, where you can try pristinely fresh seafood, can be singled out as the best restaurant in Crikvenica. In Amfora you will be offered not only seafood dishes but also grilled meat served with local wine in picturesque surroundings. If you prefer a quiet location, choose Bego and enjoy a superb dinner. Those who prefer Italian food are recommended to reserve a table in restaurant Mendula.

Festivals and cultural events. A lot of special events take place in Crikvenica. If you want to see the festivities of the traditional Days of the Town, your Crikvenica holidays should be planned in August. If you are fond of fishing, don't miss the event called Fishermen's Week in September. Young people will certainly enjoy Na Livadi, a two-day event with sports and musical festivities held in June. Those who are interested in top quality Croatian goods, souvenirs and authentic products shouldn't miss a great business event Dani Hrvatskog Proizvoda organized in July. Even if you miss all the great events mentioned above, various concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows, evening entertainment programs, and disco nights will enrich your free time during Crikvenica travel.

Active vacations. Adrenaline-minded tourists can try paragliding in Tribalj (6 km away), horseback riding, free climbing, mountaineering, hiking, windsurfing, hunting and diving. Football, volleyball, mini-golf and tennis can also be played during holidays in Crikvenica.