Best places for cycling and biking in Croatia

Cycling in Croatia is an unforgettable experience involving the discovery of natural and man-made treasures of the country in a relaxing way. The Croatian mainland and islands are crisscrossed with tracks and paths that run through valleys and forests, vineyards and orchards, past Roman and medieval ruins, enabling to combine exercise with sightseeing. The warmest season to come is summer; those preferring milder weather are welcome in spring and autumn.

Cycling in Croatia - Croatia

The difficulty level of Croatian bike trails varies depending on the character of the terrain. Off-road or mountain biking offers an ultimate thrill for athletic travelers who are trained enough to manage demanding paths.

When opting for biking in Croatia you have to choose between a self-guided and an organized tour. Those who travel independently have the advantage of a flexible route and an easy pace. The gear renting possibilities (bikes, helmets, tyres) can be found in almost every town or village. Organized tours are accompanied by guides who have a complete knowledge of the country.

Cycling in South Dalmatia. Among the top cycling destinations in Dalmatia is Island of Mljet with its protected National Rark. The park area is covered by dense woods of holm oaks and Alpine pines that descend gently to two geologically unique saltwater lakes. It is a good idea to leave your bike on the shore and take a boat trip to the tiny St Mary's islet in the middle of the Great Lake to visit the 12th century Benedictine monastery. You can also visit the sharp rocks and sandy coves along the coast and olive plantations outside of the park.

Cycling in Istria. The Istrian hinterland is known for its stunning routes that provide gorgeous cycling in Croatia. The magnificent countryside in the heart of the peninsula abounds in traces of rich history. As the routes run you will pass by lovely villages and hilltop towns, medieval forts and bridges, desolate castles and chapels, modern wineries and natural monuments. On the famous 49 km long Parenzana trail that starts in Porec you will follow the former railway line that was used for the transportation of wine.

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Biking in Kvarner Bay. The contrasting beauty of Island of Pag in Kvarner Bay makes a perfect setting for biking in Croatia. Its delightful landscape enthrals with sheer moon-like rocks and fertile grasslands. There are paths of all kinds, some running along ancient stone walls, others leading down to stone pits. Demanding descents wind among the rocks while easy trails meander through fig and olive plantations. You can use your bike to reach secluded coves or the crowded Zrce beach with plenty of content.

Mountain biking in Biokovo. The Nature Park encompassing Mountain Biokovo with its 16 peaks and numerous deep pits and caves is ideal for mountain biking in Croatia. The detailed map of the park area can be obtained at the entrance. As you bike through the park take the chance to admire its unique flora and fauna. On reaching the 1228 m high Ravna Vlaska vintage point you will find a telescope, but the most breathtaking views unfold from the top of the highest Sv. Jure peak (1762 m).