Daruvarske Toplice

Daruvarske Toplice is a well-equipped spa resort in western Slavonia 130 km from Zagreb that was first discovered as early as the 4th century BC by Celtic tribes and later the Romans, with the tradition given the second birth in 1772 when numerous spa facilities were built.

Photo of Thermal Spa Resort Daruvarske Toplice in Croatia

The natural wealth of Daruvar is based on both deposits of curative mineral mud and a few thermal springs with 33 to 47°C warm water that is rich in magnesium, calcium, hydrocarbonate. They are widely used for posttraumatic and postoperative rehabilitation, treating rheumatism and female sterility, vertebral and other locomotor system diseases.

Daruvarske Toplice - Croatia

The renovated facilities of Daruvarske Toplice include a medical rehabilitation centre, a wellness centre in the Hotel Termal providing swimming pools, saunas, baths, beauty programs and massages, and the large newly built Aquae Balissae water park. The park features a series of pools with waterfalls, slides, geysers, showers. The modern apparatus allows of electrotherapy; fitness and sports facilities are also part of the package.