Dubrovnik beaches

The beaches in Dubrovnik and its immediate vicinity are mostly rocky or pebble, with some concrete areas near hotels and scanty sandy coves. Some beaches are lively and crowded, others are secluded and quiet, but all boast limpid unpolluted sea, breathtaking views of the surrounding islands and all modern amenities including their own refreshment bars and restaurants, sports opportunities, parasols and deck chairs for rent.

Among the most popular and spacious Dubrovnik beaches are Banje, Copacabana and Lapad. The gorgeous shingle Banje beach found just outside the Ploce Gate offers a great choice of fun activities and is perfect for family outings. 6 km away from it, in Babin Kuk there is a pebble Copacabana beach with music and dance parties in the evening and special facilities for handicapped people. A superb series of neighboring Lapad beaches can suit everybody's taste: the spacious Uvala or the smaller Vila sandy beaches, the pebble Vis I with daily cocktail parties or the rocky Vis II with a concrete terrace, the small romantic Adriatic and Splendid beaches with concrete and gravel surfaces.

The two more amazing Dubrovnik beaches located in Lapad are the rocky and concrete Hotel Neptun beach offering two sea water pools and a good deal of privacy and the sandy and pebble Hotel President beach with some cemented terraces, both publicly accessed.

One of the quaintest beaches in Dubrovnik is the impressive rocky Buza terrace accessed via a gap in the southern city wall. Another rocky beach called Dance can be found beneath the church of Our Lady of Dance, some 200 m away from the Pile Gate. St Jakov's church situated 1.5 km away from the Old City centre gave its name to the delightful nearby sandy and pebble beach with plenty of entertainment. If you are an early bird, head to the Hotel Bellevue small pebble beach where there is plenty of sunshine in the morning.

Naturists will also find a couple of inviting bathing spots among Dubrovnik beaches. The official nudist zone is the Cava bay located next to the Copacabana beach. It is a narrow 300 m long strip of the pebble coast with some stony areas. Lokrum, the so called "island of love" in front of the old harbour of Dubrovnik, is another highly popular naturist's destination that can be reached by taxi boat in 10 minutes time.

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