Dubrovnik restaurants and bars

The three scores of Dubrovnik restaurants, taverns, pizzerias and cafes specializing in local and international cuisine welcome visitors to the illustrious Adriatic city. Most of them serve Dalmatian and specific Dubrovnik delicacies that are cooked from authentic products, such as fresh fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit, herbs and olive oil. The traditional dishes that are prepared and dressed in a peculiar local way at restaurants in Dubrovnik are prosciutto (smoked and dried pork), black risotto, menestra (cabbage & meat stew), macaroni, cheese in oil, rozata (dessert creme).

A great many popular Dubrovnik restaurants line the major streets of Stradun (the Cafe Festival with fancy beverages) and Prijeko (the Nishta vegetarian restaurant) or fill the side streets of the Old Town (the Sky Bar with singular delicacies, the spacious Ragusa 2 and Mimoza restaurants with rich menus). Lovely locations and meals can be obtained outside the Old Town in Lapad (the Dalmatian Agora restaurant, the Japanese Satu Sushi Bar) and Ploce (Mexican specialties at the Cantina Mexicana, varied options at the City Cafe located at the Great Arsenal).

Those looking for budget restaurants in Dubrovnik Old Town can have a meal at the Tavern Taj Mahal offering Bosnian food and desserts or taste Italian pizza and pasta at the friendly Spaghetteria Toni. For a diverse menu and a magnificent seaside location visit the Poliksar or Lokanda Peskarija restaurants facing the old harbour. Good quality snacks are served at the Mea Culpa Pizzeria near Stradun and the Cafe Skola where you can have an idea of Dubrovnik style fast food. Once in search of Dubrovnik restaurants outside the city walls, go to the Tavern Sesame where they make fanciful delicacies based on Mediterranean and local cuisine.

The medium-priced dining facilities are as much numerous. One of the best places to taste wonderful Dubrovnik delicacies is the Dubrovacki Kantun restaurant. Fish and seafood lovers are likely to be torn between many quality Dubrovnik restaurants, so Proto with its age-old authentic recipes or Orphan affording a marvelous view of the sea can be advised. International and Dalmatian meat specialties are advantageously served at the SteakHouse Domino. A wide range of dainty dishes can be savoured on the roomy 300-seat terrace of the Dubravka restaurant facing Lovrijenac and Bokar Forts or the splendid waterside terrace of the Levanat situated on the Lapad Peninsula.

Top rate restaurants in Dubrovnik are an excellent opportunity to have an exquisite meal in a grand setting. The Porat restaurant featuring appetizing Dalmatian and Croatian delicacies like sea bass fillet or beef tenderloins is located in the Hilton Imperial hotel. The Nautica restaurant featuring seafood specialties and other delicious dishes like scampi tails or almond cake offers a stunning view of the city walls and the sparkling Adriatic Sea.

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