Dugi Rat Travel Guide

Dugi Rat, a small place located between Split and Omis, is truly a destination to delight the whole family, with its historical attractions, peaceful surroundings, and amazing beaches.

Dugi Rat town, Croatia

Dugi Rat is easy to get to. Covering an area along the Adriatic Road, the village is very well connected with the neighbouring areas, which adds to its value. It can be reached by bus from all large cities of Croatia through Split.

Tourist attractions. The list of the must-sees not to miss in Dugi Rat includes old Slavic necropolises, the Church of St. Stephen in the Sustipan cemetery, the Church of St. Mark at Stare Duce, the Church of Gospe Snjezne at Stomorica. Old villages near Dugi Rat at the foot of Mt Mosnjica (Staro Duce, Zeljovici, Krug and Staro Jesenice) are also worthy of discovery. About 300 old stone houses are preserved there.

Fortresses were rather numerous in Dugi Rat as the pirates needed reliable hideouts in the mountains. The most significant are Romanesque Fortress Mirabella (13th century), Fortress Starigrad. Among the other historical places to visit on your Dugi Rat travel are remains of Visuc "hang" on a high cliff and the famous gates Zadvarje, Dugi Rat Town Museum with the full collection of Dugi Rat historical artifacts, archeological finds and Poljicki Constitution. Each historical monument is enfolded in mysterious or funny legends.

Festivals and cultural events. For those who would like to see some cultural events during their Dugi Rat holidays, we suggest "klape" singing concerts, theatrical performances, the shows of "Dugoratsko ljeto". Those who have plenty of time can expand their Dugi Rat travel and visit nearby Split, Omis, Makarska, Dubrovnik (2 hours drive), the islands of Hvar, Brac and Vis. These places have a variety of festivals and special events taking place all the year round. "Omis summer of culture", "Splitsko ljeto", "Makarska Summer", the comic book festival "Mafest" in Makarska are the events worth noting.

Restaurants. Eating out is also fantastic here. If you happen to be in Duce, check out the restaurants "Dalmatia" and "Croatia" or if you prefer the tavern format, enjoy local delicacies in "Mali Paris". One of the best places for eating out in Dugi Rat is Konoba "Bracera".

Beaches. Nothing-but-sandy beach fans are highly recommended to go to the Duce beach, one of the best family beaches in Croatia, located between Dugi Rat and Omis. If you don't mind pebble beaches, you can go to "Ispod Zilica", and "Glavica" that are also very popular.

Active vacations. Those looking for adrenaline thrills during their Dugi Rat travel can try rafting on the river Cetina, canyoning, trekking, riding mountain bikes. Speleo-adventurists can rejoice at numerous caves, pits, and abysses. For the water sports minded, the town offers boating, windsurfing, and water skiing in the waters of the Brac Channel. Indoor soccer, handball, basketball, volleyball, diving, tennis can also be played during your Dugi Rat holidays.

Should you choose Dugi Rat travel you are guaranteed unforgettable time. Dugi Rat will leave you eager to come back.