Fazana Travel Guide

Fazana is a small coastal settlement in Istria, Croatia. Surrounded by pine forests and vineyards, this town is a captivating resort and the departure point for the Brijuni Islands.

The most stress-free way to reach Fazana is by car or by bus from Pula (7 km). Another option is traveling by sea from either Venice or Trieste to Porec and then taking a bus to Fazana.

During the Roman times this settlement was called Phasiana and its inhabitants were mainly engaged in the production of amphoras. It was first documented in 1150 as the Parish ruled by Pula's bishops. Having changed several rulers, it was finally occupied by the Republic of St. Marco. In 1379 Fazana citizens witnessed a naval battle between the Venetian and Genoese Republics, which resulted in the victory of the Genoese fleet. The reign was taken over by the Austria-Hungarians after the conclusion of Napoleonic Wars, but Fazana had been fought for until the end of World War II, when the town was recognized as a part of Croatia in former Yugoslavia.

Tourist attractions. You can see a couple of stunning sights during your Fazana holidays. Pilchard park, an open air gallery, is an incredible spot all year around, showcasing the works of art made of various materials by Fazana artists. For a small settlement, Fazana hosts many grand old churches. Church of St. Cosmas and Damian (11th c.), located in the center only a meter from the sea, is the most famed one, featuring the painting "The Last Supper" and the Gothic crucifix (16th c.). A visit to a small Romanesque church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, adorned with biblical frescoes (15th c.) and the statue of the Holy Virgin with Child (14th c.), will also leave great memories of your Fazana travel. Finally you will be unable to resist the temptation of visiting the nearby Brijuni National Park.

Festivals and cultural events. No matter when you start your Fazana travel you will have a chance to get to know the fisherman's culture of this town of Croatia through its festivals. Fishing academy "Pilchard" with its most exciting activity, known as School of Salting Pilchard opens on the 1st of May. The brightest celebration in the town is surely Pilchard Festival, the oldest fisherman's event which takes place on the town's waterfront in the end of July. In August the town enlivens due to Night of Fazana, an event with jazz concerts, music festivals, exhibitions, etc.

Beaches. The beauty of pebble and concrete Fazana beaches will leave your heart racing with admiration. The beach Bi Village, stretching for 1km, gives its visitors a pleasant shade of pine trees and breathtaking views on Brijuni Islands. One more popular spot is a public beach Djecje Igraliste with sunshades and chaise lounges offered for rental.

Restaurants. Restaurants in Fazana will astound you by the highest level of choice and quality. Have you discovered restaurant Vala, which offers appetizing pizza and homemade specialties typical of Istria? If not, put it high on your list. If you want to try some rare specialties (woodcock dishes, venison) go to Alla Beccaccia.

Active vacations. Fazana holidays are not complete without practicing some of the aquatic sports such as diving, surfing, paddle boating, etc. If your eyes start sparkling at the thought of biking or mountain hiking, rejoice – you've come to the right place!