Gradac Travel Guide

Gradac, a small village of Croatia, is located in the southmost place of Makarska Riviera in nearly 60 km from Makarska and over 100 km from Split airport. Its long pebbly beaches, mild climate and hospitality of the population have made this settlement a popular touristic center. Over 3,000 of tourists can spend their holidays in Gradac simultaneously. Large and small hotels along with private sector are always eager to provide comfortable accommodation.

Gradac, Croatia

Tourist attractions. The territory of the village is inhabited since the epochs beyond historical reach. Some stone piles found in the suburbs are dated the Bronze and Early Iron Ages. In the ancient times the area of Gradac most probably was under the Roman influence. Roman coins, remains of necropolis and a fragment of the ancient building point at this fact. The medieval town of Lapcan (Labinac) was located in Croatia on the modern Gradac territory. The name Gradac was first mentioned in 1649. The village is called after the old stronghold that was rising above the village.

During the holidays in Gradac don't miss the chance of visiting its precious cultural monuments:

  • Chapel of St. Pasquale located on the Plana Mountain is one of the oldest edifices in Gradac;
  • Church of St. Antonio – old parish church;
  • Church of St. Michael – new parish church constructed in 1852.

Festivals and cultural events. Those preferring the whole night parties will have no end of a good time in stylish night clubs, hotels’ terraces and disco bars. Spending Gradac holidays in summer you will definitely participate at least in one of its numerous festivals and cultural events. These events unite all people in Gradac and invite everyone to watch and take part. Concerts of classic and folk music, art exhibitions, funny competitions and delicious meals are the inherent parts of Gradac festivals.

Restaurants. After the long and exciting trip you will especially enjoy the tasting of delicious dishes. Different taverns and restaurants will provide you gastronomic masterpieces, homy atmosphere and wonderful seascapes.

Beaches. The warm and sunny climate, pure air and crystal usually surgeless sea make all conditions for the perfect Gradac holidays. Luxuriant nature and rather developed infrastructure provide various entertainments and sport activities. Magnificent pebbly beaches and great mountain scenes will surround you with the fairy atmosphere. Moreover, Gradac beaches of over 7 km long provide plenty of water activities to make children and older ones busy for a long time. The Gornia Vala beach in Gradac is considered one of the longest in Makarska Riviera. Walking along the picturesque seashore brings additional impressions. Your Gradac travel will give you many unexpected pleasures!

Active vacations. You have no chances to be bored during the Gradac travel – everyone can find something exciting here. The hospitable village offers various sports activities like tennis, numerous water sports, cycling, diving, walking and hiking. There are plenty of excursions to the nearest towns and islands and many other activities. The unique combination of native conditions and top hospitality of this village make its quests eager to come back.