Kolocep Island Travel Guide

The small sundrenched Elaphite island Kolocep is one of the most alluring vehicle-free destinations in Croatia nestled amidst pine woods, cypress groves, citrus orchards and vineyards. Its scenic Adriatic views composed of the clean azure waters and charming beaches will make your holidays in Kolocep a reviving and relaxing experience. A Kolocep travel takes but 20 minutes by ferry or 10 minutes by water taxi from the Dubrovnik's Port Gruz.

The island Kolocep's numerous archaeological sites dating from ancient Greece and Rome, as well as the monuments of the medieval and Napoleonic times, reveal its rich historical heritage. The Dubrovnik Republic joined in the 10th century stimulated the rapid development of the shipbuilding industry. In the 14th to 18th centuries the islanders were also generally reputed coral divers. But Kolocep's most flourishing age was the 15th century, and many churches and stone summer houses from that period can still be seen during your island Kolocep holidays.

Tourist attractions. The tourists enjoying a Kolocep travel are invariably attracted by many chapels, basilicas and towers, the remnants of stone sculptures and sarcophagus. The seven pre-Romanesque churches of St Nicholas, St Anthony and other saints built between the 9th and 11th centuries are scattered all over the place to welcome everyone spending their holidays in Kolocep. Nature lovers are enraptured by the island Kolocep's beautiful park and the Blue Cave with its bottom sand tinging people and things a mysterious blue.

Beaches. Thanks to the sunny mild weather and the pristine environment that Croatia is famous for holidays in Kolocep are often spent on its sandy, rocky and pebbly beaches. The two lovely villages of Donje Celo and Gomje Celo situated in the opposite parts of the island Kolocep both offer nice sandy beaches to visit with one's family and children. A naturists' Kolocep travel is often aimed at a reclusive sandy cove reserved for them in Donje Celo.

Restaurants. A wonderful place to fill a Kolocep travel with picturesque views of the sea is an open terrace restaurant to be found in the Hotel Villas Kolocep that serve specialties: Pag cheese, prosciutto, grilled calamari, herb and grape brandy. The best place to dine while taking a boat trip around the island Kolocep is the Kalamota restaurant reached from the water.

Festivals and cultural events. The Hotel Villas Lovor and Ruza can enliven your island Kolocep holidays with weekly live concerts and regular performances of jazz musicians and step dancers.

Active vacations. The island Kolocep holidays are ideal for private or guided sea kayaking trips as well as full or half day sailing tours as the hotel has its own sailing school. Scubas and snorkels for diving, boards for surfing, jet skis, canoes and paddle boats are highly rentable on the island Kolocep. Another favourite outdoor activity is exploring the interior of the island by following the numberless walking, jogging and biking paths.