Korcula Island Travel Guide

The Dalmatian island Korcula covering the area of 270 km2 is a favourite destination for many tourists coming to the south of Croatia. Generously covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation it preserves the age-old traditions of art, folklore, stone masonry and viticulture. The convenient starting points for island Korcula travel are Split (ferry and catamaran lines) and Dubrovnik (ferry and bus lines).

The island Korcula is known to have been populated in the Neolithic Age. The later Illyrians shared its territory with the Greeks who arrived in the 4th century BC and were followed by the Roman and the Slav settlers. After several centuries of the Venetian rule discontinued in 1797 it was influenced by the Napoleonic wars, later on island was a part of Austria, Italy and Yugoslavia.

Tourist attractions. Thanks to the island Korcula's extensive historical heritage the local museums always count among the Korcula travel attractions, with the most valuable collections exhibited at the museums of Vela Luka and Korcula. There is plenty of sculptured and rough stonework to see, such as the salient Korcula Old Town walls. Numerous medieval sacral buildings scattered all over the island can also be explored during your island Korcula holidays.

Festivals and cultural events. Every island Korcula travel is accompanied by theatrical, musical and folklore events, the most picturesque of them being the knight sword dance of "Moreska" and "Kumpanija" performed in summer. The nightlife on the island Korcula can offer both beach festivities and disco parties.

Restaurants. Holidays in Korcula are always rewarded by a visit to remarkable restaurants with an exceptional offer of grilled fish, seafood, meat, pasta and cakes.

Beaches. The best frame for the island Korcula's luxuriant greenery is its sandy and pebble beaches that abound along the indented coastline. The best sandy beaches can be found in the Vela Przina and Bilin Zal bays in Lumbarda or in the cove of Luka Korculanska. The wondrous pebble Proizd beach located on Vela Luka's offshore islet is another great attraction for your island Korcula holidays.

Active vacations. Sports enthusiasts are fascinated with an abundance of fun activities to take on. The island Korcula can offer windsurfing courses, sailing and kayaking tours, interesting diving locations, fishing sites and water polo facilities. A game of tennis or paintball, a biking or hiking trip through the splendid scenery also promise exciting holidays in Korcula.

Among the island Korcula's townships there are many worth-while visiting:

  • Korcula town is one of the most captivating architectural gems in Croatia with its own motley atmosphere.
  • Lumbarda, found in a scenic location on the island Korcula's seashore, is a small inviting place with many traditional crafts.
  • Vela Luka, as one of the most popular travel destinations, has a great recreational potential for nature and history lovers.
  • Blato is an amphitheatre-shaped old town where your island Korcula holidays can be spent in a most relaxing way.