Krapinske Toplice

Krapinske Toplice, rated as the 6th top European thermal spa, is situated in a charming valley of Croatian Zagorije 50 km from Zagreb. Like it was with most Croatian spas, the bathing tradition was initiated by the Romans, with the modern health resort dating from 1772.

Photo of Thermal Spa Resort Krapinske Toplice in Croatia

The four natural springs produce radioactive thermal water as warm as 39 to 41°C, with a high content of magnesium, calcium and hydrocarbonate, but a low amount of sulphur.

The healing properties of the Krapinske Toplice water have proved effective in treating diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis, spinal and neurological diseases, postoperative rehabilitation of cardiological patients.

Krapinske Toplice - Croatia

Krapinske Toplice offers posttraumatic treatment of sports injuries and chronic medical conditions, such as rheumatic, respiratory, neurological and gynaecological diseases.

Along with the clinic for medical rehabilitation, there are two hotels, the Villa Magdalena and the Aquae Vivae, that serve as health centres packed with plenty of facilities. Krapinske Toplice comprises several outdoor and indoor thermal pools, jacuzzis, saunas, fitness and sports facilities, rooms for massages, aromatherapy and electrotherapy. Jacob's bath, which is one of the oldest built in 1863, still welcomes patients and tourists right before the spring.