Krk Island Travel Guide

The island of Krk is the Croatia’s biggest northernmost island lying in the sunlit Kvarner Gulf and occupying the area of 410 km². Known as the Golden Island for centuries, it features a variety of landscape ranging from rocks to fertile valleys, from freshwater lakes to lovely sea coves.

The international Rijeka airport is located in the northern part of the island. A direct car or bus travel to the Krk Island from the mainland is possible thanks to the 1.5 km long bridge.

In the course of its earliest history the island was colonized by the Illyrians, Greeks and Romans. During the Middle Ages the Croatian and Hungarian rulers successfully contended with Venice with the help of the mighty local Frankopan family that thrived between the 12th and 15th centuries. The following Venetian reign (1480-1797) was discontinued by the Napoleonic wars and the Austro-Hungarian administration.

Tourist attractions. The towns on island of Krk are filled with architectural monuments, such as ancient churches in Omisalj, majestic stone complexes in Krk Town or Vrbnik, the Franciscan monastery on an offshore island near Punat. Some of the most popular Krk travel destinations are the Aquarium in Baska showcasing the largest array of molluscs and snails in Croatia, and the impressive Biserujka cave in Rudine.

Beaches. The island’s indented shoreline abounds in nice beaches. The shallow sandy Soline bay in the east boasts a range of superb beaches, such as the Meline beach with medicinal mud. Some magnificent beaches are located in the Baska area including the famous gravel Vela Plaza beach. The best beaches for naturists are found close to Punat and Baska.

Restaurants. The island Krk’s restaurants and taverns offer delicious sea products, lamb, sheep cheese and wonderful Zlahtina wine. The most famous nighttime destinations are night bars in Krk Town and a disco in Malinska.

Festivals and cultural events. Holidays on Krk Island are full of fun as each town, in addition to summer festivals and feasts on patron saints’ days, has its own traditional festivities, such as Vrbnik wine days.

Active vacations. Among the Krk sports activities the most favourite are cycling or walking along picturesque island tracks, diving on shipwrecks and undersea walls, sailing from well-equipped marinas. The greatest attraction for sport lovers in Krk travel is the 650 m long wakeboarding and waterskiing cableway. Paragliding, free climbing, golf, tennis, soccer are other popular pastimes.

The picturesque historical destinations to spend your holidays on island of Krk are:

  • Krk Town is the administrative centre of the island and a 3000-years-old place of enormous attraction.
  • Malinska with its wonderful long seafront promenade offers peaceful strolls along the blue sea.
  • Punat is an important naval centre in Croatia and home to one of the best Adriatic marinas.
  • Omisalj is a truly Mediterranean town that welcomes every island visitor coming from the mainland.
  • Njivice is a charming quiet place buried in verdure in the vicinity of a freshwater lake.
  • Baska is a great destination for the family beach holidays and a cradle of the nation’s literature.