Lopud island Travel Guide

The island of Lopud is the second biggest of the 14 Elaphite islands lying in the Dubrovnik region of Croatia and is comprised of two wooded limestone ridges and a lovely green valley with a village. People from all over the world visit this quiet place because of its mild climate, delightful sandy beaches and natural scenery. No motorized vehicle may ever interfere with the harmony of your Lopud travel. This peaceful destination can be reached by a 40 minute ferry boat transfer from Dubrovnik.

Like many cities in Croatia, the history of Lopud can be traced to ancient Greek and Roman settlements. In the 11th century its inhabitants joined the Dubrovnik Republic and took an active part in its naval warfare in the following centuries. There used to be a shipyard and an 80 ship fleet, and the small territory of the island had numerous mansions, churches, chapels and fortresses, the ruins of which are still there to be explored during your visit.

Tourist attractions. The place of special tourist interest is the 15th century Franciscan monastery with the church of St Mary of Spilica housing precious pieces of art. Other places to visit are the Duke's Gothic castle and the 12th century church of Our Lady of Sunj with valuable paintings. Nature lovers can explore the park's collection of plants from around the world.

Festivals and cultural events. Your holidays can benefit from the Villa Vilina Hotel's Art & Gourmet program featuring romantic Friday dinners and Sunday brunches accompanied with DJ and live guitar performances. Twice a month this hotel houses painting, sculpture and photo exhibitions.

Restaurants. The magnificent views of Lopud can be obtained right from the open air Obala restaurant terrace while enjoying the specialties: oiled cheese, grilled fish, fresh seafood and game. It is perfect for dining late in the Hotels Lafodia or Glavovic restaurants with their musical events and dance shows. The seaside refreshment bars are popular among the sandy beach lovers.

Beaches. In addition to the village beaches there is an amazing long sandy beach in the Sunj bay, one of the most famous in Croatia. The knee-deep sea within a hundred meters distance from the coastline encourages people to spend their holidays in Lopud with children. There is also a special area for naturists.

Active vacations. The shallow waters of the Lopud island gave rise to a popular type of beach volleyball called picigin which is played staying in the sea. Other water sports include windsurfing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, canoeing. The local hotels have swimming pools with aquafitness options and tennis courts. Lopud is good for walking, jogging and biking in the olive, citrus and cypress groves and pine woods.