Lumbarda Travel Guide

The lovely Mediterranean village of Lumbarda is nestled amongst the lush greenery of the eastern seashore of the Korcula island. Along with the age-old traditions of stone processing, Lumbarda is one of the best-known spots of flourishing viticulture in Croatia. A Lumbarda travel can be planned from the Dubrovnik or Split airports, first by ferry or bus to the nearest town of Korcula which is only 6 km away.

The history of Lumbarda can be traced to prehistoric times owing to the archaeological findings in the surrounding area: the Illyrian stone structures, the stone carving made by the Greeks in the 3th century BC, the ruins of Roman villas. The Venetians who established their rule in 1420 actively used the settlement to build their summer residences.

Tourist attractions. Many old mansions are well preserved in Lumbarda, the earliest one dates back to the 15th century. There are interesting old castles and medieval buildings to be seen during your Lumbarda travel: the St John's church built before the 14th century, the parish church of St Rocco in the centre or the church of the Holy Cross hidden in the vineyards.

Festivals and cultural events. A summer Lumbarda travel is a 3-month entertaining marathon including all kind of cultural, folklore and recreational events, such as art exhibitions, choir and dance group performances.

Restaurants. Holidays in Lumbarda are an excellent opportunity to sample the Grk white wine, highly esteemed far beyond Croatia, that shows to best advantage the grilled fish and meat specialties served at Ducica tavern, Konoba Lovric, Restaurant Zure.

Beaches. All tourists coming for their holidays in Lumbarda are pleased with the beautiful neat sandy beaches of Bilin Zal, Vela Przina and Tatinja and the pleasantly warm clear waters. The Vela Przina beach has a nudist section a short way off, the cove of Bilin Zal also offers some rocky areas.

Active vacations. The village sports facilities can suffice the most demanding needs as Lumbarda has its own Marina, the MM-Sub diving centre and the Sokol Club offering day & night snorkelling, glass bottom canoe trips, buggy safari, boat or underwater fishing and hiking tours. Your Lumbarda holidays can also benefit from the local sports program including soccer and volleyball competitions, beach yoga and aqua gymnastics.