Medulin Travel Guide

If you dream about having a dynamic and exciting vacation in the oasis of serenity, choose Medulin travel and look no further. Due to the Ypsilon, the recently built Istrian highway, you can easily reach Medulin.

Although the town was first mentioned in 1150, historians claim that once it was known as Mutila and its demolition by the Romans dates back to 2nd c. BC. Because of many epidemics Medulin had remained a sparsely populated town for centuries, but managed to transform into one of the most enticing places of Istria.

Tourist attractions. Those who are eager to uncover the secrets of Medulin history should not miss the archaeological complex Vižula, featuring the remains of ancient tombs and the ruins of Neolithic settlements, Pre-Romanic sculptures found on St. Peter's hill, the ruins of strongholds on the Vrcevan hill (Bronze and Iron Ages) and the remains of the Roman necropolis on the territory of the hotel Arcus.

Events. There is a busy events calendar, which means that you won't get bored while being on your Medulin travel. The brightest festivity, the Nght of Medulin, is organized on last Sunday of July and on the day of St. Jakob, the patron saint of the town. In July many celebrities from all over Croatia come here to participate in a fascinating gastronomic event called Brodetto Cup. Nightlife lovers can have a good time at the discos Imperial and Dali. Moreover, there are outstanding events for the sport-minded. Take the challenge and participate in a swimming marathon, a spear fishing contest, enjoy watching world class tennis tournaments. Oh, and don't miss the Sanpjero Cup, a traditional sport competition for young inhabitants of five villages within the Medulin Municipality.

Beaches. Medulin Riviera abounds in some of the most glamorous beaches in Croatia. Medulin beaches are recognized for their diversity. Sandy, pebble and rocky beaches, hidden or bustling with life, sheltered with the trees or not can be found on enchanting islands of the Medulin archipelago. If you don't plan to spend your Medulin holidays in Robinson like manner, you will surely enjoy your time on the sandy beach Bijeca, which owes its popularity to a cozy entrance to the sea, rich recreational offer and the shade of trees.

Restaurants. As for the restaurants in Medulin, there are plenty to choose from. If you are searching for the restaurant serving excellent Italian food, your choice should certainly be Da Giovanni. Unbelievably tasty pizza can be tried in Promenade. Make sure to visit restaurant Oliveto, located amidst olive and pine trees beside a crystal clear sea and you will be stunned by its pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff. If you are dying to try the best dishes from the cuisine of Istria prepared according to authentic recipes, head over to restaurant Sandra or family restaurant Konoba 15.

Active vacations. Medulin is one of the greatest towns of Croatia in terms of sport. Enjoy fishing, try diving, have a panoramic flight arranged for you. Football fields, an athletic track, horse stables, mountain bike trails, sailing and windsurfing equipment, tennis courts are there for anyone in search of sport thrills.