Mlini Travel Guide

The small Adriatic Sea resort of Mlini located in the imposing Zupa Bay of the Dubrovnik Riviera in Croatia is beautifully set at the foot of a wooded rocky hill, with a river and numerous streams pervading its spectacular surroundings. The Dalmatian stone houses nestled up the river and along the seafront are surrounded with gardens and warmed by dazzling sunshine, making holidays in Mlini a wealth of harmony and serenity. A Mlini travel is a friendly retreat for lots of tourists who come here right from the Dubrovnik airport that is only 10 km away.

The name of Mlini stands for the English "mills" and denotes the abundance of watermills that the town used to be known for, with some of them still functioning to grind wheat. The ancient Greeks and Romans as well as the later settlers were attracted by the town's copious freshwater and sea supplies. After the establishment of the Dubrovnik Republic in the 10th century Mlini shared its history up to its early 18th century fall which was followed by the French and then the Austrian occupation.

Tourist attractions. Mlini holidays are perfect for visiting the medieval chapels of the Holy Spirit and St Rocco and the 15th century parish church of St Hilarius, a legendary hero who saved the country from barbarians by defeating a dragon. For the remnants of Roman architecture one has to go outside of Mlini in the direction of Cavtat. The natural tourist attractions for a Mlini travel are entrancing parks, waterfalls and brooks teeming with ducks.

Festivals and cultural events. A dinner accompanied by folk music can be found at Hotel Astarea that stages performances of the Dalmatian "Lindjo" ensemble. Another well-known music site for a Mlini travel is Hotel Mlini with its own restaurant, pizzeria, snack bar and confectionary.

Restaurants. Lining the coastline there are a good many cafes and bars which are open till small hours for visitors coming for their summers holidays in Mlini. A popular seaside restaurant serving Dalmatian dishes and wines is Konuba Lanterna.

Beaches. The agreeable climate that Croatia is favoured with enables tourists to liberally fill their Mlini holidays with swimming in the limpid Adriatic waters and sunbathing on the sandy, pebble and concrete beaches. The beaches in Mlini are noted for their luxuriant coastline vegetation and some shallow water areas. There is also a nudist beach within easy access by boat or foot where one can have a freshwater shower in the stream.

Active vacations. Mlini is an ideal destination to go in for a wide range of water sports including sailing, waterskiing, banana tubing, canoeing, surfing, paddling. The fans of scuba diving are welcomed at the diving centre to fill their Mlini travel with the undersea discoveries of reefs, caves and shipwreck sites. The hotels offer billiards and tennis facilities, rent bikes and scooters. Many people spend their holidays in Mlini hiking or horse-riding.