Nin Travel Guide

Nin, located about 17km northwest of Zadar, on a tiny island among a shallow lagoon, is the oldest city in Croatia. If you're seeking for peace and quiet, then look no further. A Nin travel can be easy made by ferry-boats, buses and trains from Zadar.

In ancient times there was the Liburnian settlement of a great importance here. More than 100 Liburnian graves were found in Nin. During the Roman times the town (it was called Aenona) was given the status of a municipium. In the 7th century Nin failed to resist the attacks of the Avars and Slavs and was destroyed. The rulers of Croatia founded a political center here and often used it as their residence. In 1570 the Venetians gained control of the town. Although two hundred years later Nin was reconstructed, it never achieved its former significance.

Tourist attractions. Nin travel guides list a great quantity of sights which are worth seeing here. Church of the Holy Cross, recognized as the smallest cathedral in the world, is the number one sightseeing spot in Nin. Erected in the 11th century with intentional archaeological errors for monitoring the sun path, this church with a shape of a Greek cross was used as a clock and a calendar. One more sightseeing spot you will definitely want to visit during your Nin travel is the City Museum. You should also see a statue of Bishop Grgur Ninski, created by the sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. Donja vrata, The Lower Gate, built in the 15th century, is a very attractive sightseeing spot as well.

Festivals and cultural events. 13 km from Nin there is the islet of Zecevo where a small church of Our Lady of Zecevo was built by the monks. In 1500 the statue of Our Lady was thrown into the sea by the Turks, but the statue reached Nin. The 5th of May is the day when this event is celebrated. During the summer season numerous feasts are organized in the town. In June "The city days" of Nin is celebrated. If you chance to enjoy your Nin travel in August, don't miss Children Festival of Pantomime, religious holiday of Madonna, and the touristic fiesta.

Restaurants. There are more than 20 restaurants, cafes and wine cellars catering to the tastes of those who spend their holidays in Nin. Branimir, located in the medieval building just opposite the Church of the Holy Cross, is one of the best restaurants in Croatia. Delicious dishes can also be tasted in Restaurant Condura Croatica. In Restaurant Sokol you will be offered excellent specialties of Dalmatian cuisine. "Sokol" is also the name of the most popular dish in the town, a type of flavored sausage made of minced pork.

Beaches. Nin is a paradise of shallow, sandy lagoons, which makes it an ideal place for the whole family, especially for small children. Queen's Beach, situated on the west from Nin, is the most visited sandy beach here. Due to peloids, medicinal mud which is used for therapy purposes, this beach attracts people suffering from various diseases. Other popular Nin beaches Zdrijac, Vurnaza and Bilotinjak are situated near small tourist settlement Zaton.

Active vacations. Sport-oriented tourists will love their holidays in Nin. Cycling, hunting, fishing, diving, sailing, jet-skiing, volleyball, tennis are particularly popular in Nin. If windsurfing is one of your passions, go to Sabunike, a small tourist settlement between Nin and the island Vir. Here you will catch the right wind blowing from the Velebit mountain, and you will be dreaming of your Nin holidays next year.