Omis Travel Guide

Omis is a small port of over 15,800 citizens in the very heart of Dalmatia. It is located in the mouth of rapid Cetina river surrounded by high cliffs of Dinara Mountain. Nearly 25 kilometers lay between Omis and Split, the second largest town in Croatia. Omis goes down to one of the most picturesque parts of Adriatic coast in Croatia.

Omis, Croatia

Holidays in Omis promise to be full of joy and fantastic impressions. This town with unique history has many surprises. In ancient times Omis was a settlement of excellent seamen that were not only defenders of their lands, but also strong and courageous pirates. For centuries they controlled the navigation on the Adriatic Sea and took charges from Venetian ships as well as the ships of Naples Kingdom. Nowadays the evidences of the bright and turbulent history of this place are shown almost everywhere in Omis.

Tourist attractions. Omis travel may easily turn to the long excursion into Mediterranean settlement. The town is full of refined churches, strong fortresses and ancient buildings – the left signs of its power in the past. Among the most precious churches is the Church of St. Michael that was the parish and the main town's church. It's a talented combination of different styles – Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance.

Fortresses were rather numerous in Omis as the pirates needed reliable hideouts in the mountains. The most significant are Romanesque Fortress Mirabella (13th century), Fortress Starigrad. Among the other historical places to visit on your Omis travel are remains of Visuc "hang" on a high cliff and the famous gates Zadvarje, Omis Town Museum with the full collection of Omis historical artifacts, archeological finds and Poljicki Constitution. Each historical monument is enfolded in mysterious or funny legends.

Festivals and cultural events. For the most pleasant memories of your Omis travel, just visit its festivals and cultural events. The most famous one is the traditional Festival of Dalmatian klapas held in summer. The groups of singing men and women ("klapa") are representing the old Dalmatian culture in these days. The Omis Summer Festival is well-known for the various performances, concerts, recitals, art exhibitions performed in different corners of the city.

Restaurants. Omis holidays are always supplied by delicious Mediterranean cuisine with fresh seafood, fantastic wines, olive oil and domestic vegetables. Plenty of various bars and cafes in Omis are always ready to propose exclusive meals and mysterious atmosphere. Your Omis travel will gain from visiting two pleasant restaurants Mlinice and Slanica are located along the Cetina riverbank. In a short drive up the mountain there is Kremenko restaurant with stone-age atmosphere.

Beaches. Omis Riviera is a wide strip that stretches for 35 kilometers. Mild climate, soft clean sand and magnificent azure sea along with exuberance of pine and tamarisk trees on the edge attract many people here. Omis public sandy beach with its restaurants and cafes is very popular among tourists and locals.

Active vacations. Beyond cultural events there are plenty of possibilities for the active holidays in Omis. Its luxuriant nature, over 20 kilometers of wonderful beaches, fast river and high rocks are the widest choice of recreation. Here you may get a lesson of professional rock climbing, try yourself in rafting or kayaking over the tumultuous Cetina river, enjoy fantastic views in hiking or paragliding, get a bright experience in diving, cycling and other activities for the exciting Omis holidays.