Peljesac Peninsula Travel Guide

Peljesac is an elongated South Dalmatian peninsula linked to the mainland by a 1.5 km wide isthmus. Its majestic wild and cultivated landscape composed of superb beaches and bays, green forested hills and valleys invites everyone to make an astounding Peljesac travel. This scarcely populated area of Croatia has long-standing traditions of wine making, olive growing, oyster cultivating and salt production. The nearby airports to start your holidays in Peljesac from are in Dubrovnik and Split.

The Peljesac Peninsula has been populated since the Neolithic Age. The Roman settlers that followed the Illyrian tribes in the 2nd century BC were ousted by the Byzantine in the Middle Ages. The Dubrovnik Republic that ruled over the area from 1326 to 1806 made a crucial impact on its shipbuilding and agriculture development.

Tourist attractions. The most prominent historical attraction on Peljesac is the 8000 year old settlement discovered in a cave near Nakovana. Another grand place to see on a Peljesac travel is the European longest fortified walls between Ston and Mali Ston and numerous old churches and monasteries, with the most famous of them positioned in Orebic and Ston.

Festivals, cultural events and restaurants. Various religious feasts, folk festivals and other summer events are a special treat for one's Peljesac holidays. Those preferring nightclubs and discos can make a trip to Orebic. The Peljesac travel is ideal for gourmets who can liberally help themselves to fish, oysters, sea snails and famous local red wines.

Beaches. The amazing sandy, rocky and pebble beaches stretching along the coastline of the Peljesac Peninsula are favoured by many tourists coming to Croatia. Beautiful sandy beaches are found in the bays of Prapratno around Ston and Trstenica in Orebic. The famous pebble beaches for your holidays in Peljesac are Vucine in Zuljana and Duba in Trpanj.

Active vacations. There is a great choice of recreational water sports to go in for on Peljesac, such as sailing, yachting, water-skiing, scuba diving, and windsurfing in the world-famous windsurfing centre Viganj. Among other popular outdoor activities are mountain biking, hiking, mouflon hunting, horse riding in the lovely groves and woods. Most hotels also offer tennis, soccer and volleyball facilities for your Peljesac holidays.

The well-known tourist destinations on the Peljesac Peninsula include

  • Orebic is one of the most developed Peljesac towns with a rich history, a scenic landscape and exquisite cuisine.
  • Trpanj is a wondrous small place for a Peljesac travel which is good for promoting one's health.
  • Ston proves to be a most tempting resort providing intriguing historical discoveries for one's holidays in Peljesac.
  • Viganj, a small seaside village, can show you a worldwide collection of plants brought to Croatia by seamen at different times.
  • Janjina promises rewarding Peljesac holidays in a peaceful village filled with many historical sites.