Podstrana Travel Guide

Podstrana is a well-known touristic destination of Croatia located in 8 km from Split, the largest Dalmatian town. According to the latest census, nearly 7,300 people live in Podstrana, and 97% of them are Croatians. Podstrana village miraculously combines the atmosphere of insularity with its rather effective location. The village is situated near the Adriatic highway and in only 25 km from the Resnik Airport.

Podstrana, Croatia

Podstrana travel is ideal for the timely escape from the day-to-day life. Its Mediterranean environment is shown in old architecture, lots of historical monuments and just narrow paved streets, magnificent arcs and squat stony buildings. Prolonged Riviera with sandy and pebbly beaches, pure and mild sea and terrific marine views form the contrast with the ancient village center making Podstrana holidays filled with beauty, pleasure and mysterious spirit. The pure mountainous air, luxurious nature and sunny climate make this place a real earthy heaven.

Tourist attractions. Spending holidays in Podstrana, you should get acquaintance with its unique cultural and historical heritage – and you won't be disappointed! The territory of the village was inhabited by ancient Greeks already in the 1st century AD. Later the Illyrian tribe lived on this territory, and in the 7th century it was occupied by Avars and Slavs. This area was always attractive for the ancient nations – Venetians, Turks, and French battled for it in the past. Many witnesses of their culture and historical events are saved till our days. During the Podstrana travel, try to visit its unique Church of St. Martin that contains the sarcophagus of Artorius Castus, the roman general which is considered to be the legendary king Artur. The remains of ancient cemetery dating from the 1st century AD can be found near the Church of St. Martin. The church of St. George is a bright example of the priceless ancient heritage in Croatia.

Restaurants. The lush nature and hospitable people form the best conditions for Podstrana holidays. This village is famous for its fruits, especially peaches and cherries, great olive oil and homemade wines. Numerous taverns, bars, restaurants and pizzerias provide tasty dishes of national and international cuisines.

Festivals and cultural events. The night life here is full of surprises – many bars and nightclubs in Podstrana and nearby Split will obviously bring you new impressions. Annual festivals here are held in a funny and bright manner and fill the village with laugh, music, various activities, contests and tasty smells.

Beaches. The mild sunny climate, wonderful landscapes together with prolonged pebbly and sandy beaches framed by peers and tamarisks will make you forgetting about any problems. Various water activities during the Podstrana travel will bring the fun and great mood. You can choose among diving, sailing, windsurfing, parachuting over the water, water skiing, water excursions or just try them all!

Active vacations. While spending holidays in Podstrana don't forget about its wonderful nature and sportive opportunities. Here you can try yourself in mountains' climbing, cycling, walking and running along the beaches, playing golf and tennis, going to excursions over the village or to the nearest sites. Your Podstrana travel will be full of new wonderful impressions.