Porec Travel Guide

When someone considers possible vacation spots in Croatia, Porec, located in the western part of Istria, is one of the places which automatically jump to mind.

The closest international airport to Porec is in Pula. However, it is also very convenient to travel from the Trieste Airport since the transport service between these towns is excellent. One can easily get to Porec from other places of Istria and from the capital of Croatia using bus services. Those who are traveling from Venice can use a ferry.

Porec, Croatia

History of Porec

The town has stories to tell from more than two millennium. When the Romans occupied ancient Istria in the 2nd c. BC, they set up the castrum on a small peninsula. A century later this castrum was officially recognized as a city and turned into the center of Colonia Iulia Parentium. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the town was occupied by Ostrogoths and in 539 it became a part of the Byzantine Empire. Settled by Croats in the late 6th c., the town fell under the rule of Franks. After a short break of self-government in the 12th c. Porec came under the reign of Venetians and after 1814 it became the part of Austro-Hungarian Empire. After relatively short Italian rule (from 1920 to 1943), the town officially returned to Croatia.

Porec as a tourist resort

Porec travel has been gaining popularity since 1844, which is not surprising at all because the town has a rich historical heritage and the ancient feel. Euphrasius Basilica is the number one must-see during Porec travel. This world renowned early Christian cathedral (6th c.) represents one of the finest monuments of the Byzantine art. Aside from this great spot, there is plenty to see in the old town center, including Pentagonal Tower, Round Tower and splendid Gothic houses. Those who want to learn more about the Porec history will be happy to discover the regional museum, which has a lot of historical artifacts from the days of yore.

Being the coastal town, Porec has a plenty of marvelous pebble and rocky beaches, 25 of which has been awarded with a Blue Flag. Those who are planning to party a lot during their Porec travel are likely to be attracted by Gradsko Kupaliste beach, located about 1 km from the town.

The town guests can expect to get the delightful gastronomic experience in numberless restaurants, cafes and bars. A truly memorable meal you can taste in the exquisite place, called St. Nikola. If you are searching for more affordable options, head over to such Italian restaurants as Nono and Stari Saloon.

The multitude of interesting happenings makes Porec travel exceptionally exciting. Music lovers will find it difficult to leave this place where the sounds of music are heard everywhere. Choose among the classical music concerts in Euphrasius Basilica, live jazz in Lapidarium, folk music during Giostra Historic Festival, chill out music in night clubs, etc.

Outdoor pursuits are also encouraged in the town. With the facilities for every imaginable sport activities it would be impossible to get bored in Porec.