Primosten Travel Guide

Primosten holidays will amaze history enthusiasts, food fans, budget travelers and lovers of indulgence alike. This popular tourist destination of Croatia has been awarded with the Golden Flower of Europe for the best landscaping.

Primosten is an easy destination to reach due to its closeness to the coastal road. The town is 28 km southeast of Sibenik and 30 km away from Split airport. A Primosten travel can be easy made by bus, a great number of buses between Sibenik and Split stop here. If you go by car, follow Zagreb highway to Split.

Today, the traces of Roman, Greek and Croat cultures can be found in Primosten. In ancient times this picturesque place was known as "Primorje", but later it was renamed to "Bosiljine". In 1564 the town was mentioned in the documents under the name Capusta Cista . Primosten was situated on a small island protected from the Turks by stone walls and towers, and the connection with the mainland was a bridge, which was later replaced with embankment so that the city was turned into a peninsula.

Tourist attractions. If you spend your holidays in Primosten, you have an opportunity to visit all National parks of Croatia and some interesting Dalmatian cities (Sibenik, Split, Nin, Zadar) and be back the same day. There are many tourist attractions in Primosten itself including Krapanj (Museum of Sponge Collecting), Zlarin (coral tours), the galleries "Rudina and "Stone Spheres". The Summer Baroque Music School, featured in Primosten, is also a must-visit. Other famous attractions are the parish church of St. Georg, overlooking the town of Primosten, the church of Jerome in Siroka, St. Rock's chapel , Church of Lady of Mercy , a medieval church of St.Martin in Krusevo . Oh, and don't miss the chance to visit the famous Babic vineyards during your Primosten travel, they are considered to be a monument to human efforts.

Festivals and cultural events. A lot of festivals and cultural events will make your Primosten travel even more enjoyable. don't miss the fantastic Primosten fiesta and usages which take place in August. You can also join a big parade during the feast days of Our Lady of Loret in May and Our Lady of Porto in July.

Young people can spend their Primosten holidays in a dynamic and exciting way and visit Aurora disco in Primosten, one of the most popular discos in Croatia and the biggest in Dalmatia region. Aurora complex is open from June to September and offers several dance floors, bars, an open-air dance floor and a billiard hall.

Restaurants. Restaurant Mediteran is famous for a sweet Dalmatian ambiance with an excellent culinary offer. Pasta, fresh fish, shrimps and various shells prepared on grill – the choice is yours. Excellent sea food delicacies can be tasted on a beautiful terrace of the Restaurant Panorama. Restaurant Primosten also attracts many hungry tourists by delicious meals. If you are looking for a cheap restaurant with amazing food, Buffet Fife would be the right choice.

Beaches. Primosten is well-known for its lovely beaches. On the Raduca peninsula you can find the most attractive pebble beaches in Primosten. Raduca beach has the Blue Flag. If you are a nudist, go to the island Smokvica beach. Not far from the Kremik hill there is another picturesque nudist beach.

Active vacations. The sport offer won’t disappoint those who spend their holidays in Primosten. It includes tennis, bowling, volleyball, yachting, diving. There is a sport center on the peninsula of Raduca.

Plan on having a great time, and enjoy your Primosten travel.