Rab Island Travel Guide

Island of Rab, a very popular Croatian destination, is one of the sunniest places of the Adriatic, situated in the Kvarner bay. Travel to Rab is relatively easy. There is a ferry connection between Rijeka and Rab Town. During summer months it is also possible to get from Baska (Krk) to Lopar.

Rab Island (Arba) has been populated since prehistoric times, starting with the Liburnians. The first mention of the island of Rab dates back to 360 BC. In 155 BC it was turned into a colony of the Roman Empire, then it was taken over by the Byzantine Empire, from the 9th c. to 15th c. was ruled by the Croats, and after that, until 1797, was under the Venetian rule. In 1805 island of Rab became a province of Napoleon, then followed the Austrian rule (1814-1918) and finally Italian occupation. The island was returned to Croatia only in 1945.

Tourist attractions. There is plenty of secrets from ancient past to discover during your Rab travel. The town of Rab will amaze you by its Romanesque Prince’s Palace (13th c.), the Crnota Palace, Nimira Palace (15th c.), the Gothic church of St. Nikola, Romanesque basilica , the church of St. Andrija (11th c.), the Franciscan monastery (15th c.), the town park Komrcar and ancient town walls (12th c.). If you happen to be in Lopar, don’t miss the ruins of the antique defense architecture (Punta Zidine), as well as the small church of St. Mary. You are also recommended to visit the Romanesque church of St. Eufemija in Kamporska Draga, the ruins of medieval fortress in Barbat, and the Benedictine monastery (17th c.) in Supetarska Draga.

Beaches. Island of Rab is the first place in Croatia where naturism became popular. In 1936, Edward VII and Miss Simpson during their Rab travel were permitted to take a nude swim in the Kandalora cove. Kandalora (Frkanj peninsula) still is the best naturist beach on island of Rab, which overlooks the town of Rab and can be reached by taxi-boats. Lopar is endowed with twenty two sandy beaches. A Blue Flag beach Rajska Plaza is one of the best beaches in Croatia. Those who prefer sandy naturist beaches will also love Sahara, Ciganka and Stolac, situated near the hotel San Marino.

Restaurants. Numerous restaurants will make your stomach persuade you to repeat your Rab travel next year. Rio is definitely the best choice for seafood gourmands. Kordic and Aco specialize in lobster dishes. Marco Polo is the right choice for romantic souls, but not for tight budget ones. During their holidays on Rab young travelers can visit such places of Lopar as Buza bar, caffe-bar Sanda and beach bar Banova Villa or places of town Rab like Little Caffe and pub Santa Maria.

Festivals and cultural events. Rab holidays of classical music lovers will be especially memorable due to Musical Evenings in Rab town, organized every Wednesday all summer long in the church of St. Cross. Those who like historical theme festivals should plan their visit to Rab Island in the end of July to see Rabska Fjera, one of the greatest festivals of Croatia which has been held since 1364. During three nights( 25-27 July) people dress up in costumes and open workshops presenting the life as it used to be in the Middle Ages. The culmination of the festival is the parade and the tournament of crossbow archers, held on the St. Christopher’s square, and finally, the fireworks.

Active vacations. Island of Rab is also one of the best places in Croatia in terms of sport offer. During your holidays on Rab you can try cycling, trekking, mountaineering, surfing, rafting, boating, parachuting and diving. In addition, tennis, football, beach volleyball, basketball, handball, mini golf, boccia can be played here.