Rabac Travel Guide

Rabac is one of the most fascinating towns of Croatia to visit, situated 5 km southeast of Labin. Known as the Pearl of the Kvarner Bay, it offers an incredible wealth of opportunities to its visitors.

This is a tourist destination which is easy to get to. If you land in Zagreb Airport, take a bus to Rijeka and then to Labin. If you land in Pula Airport, take a direct bus to Labin. However, those who are coming from places nearer than 500 km, are recommended to go to Rabac by personal vehicle.

The town is thought to have been founded by Celts in the 4th c. BC and was known as Albona. The Roman historian Titus Livius claimed that Rabac used to be inhabited by pirates. It became an Illyrian town in 177 BC. The first written document about it is a relief with an inscription "Res Publica Albonessium" which dates back to the 3rd century.

Tourist attractions. To see the stunning sights and unique places during your Rabac travel, you can visit the nearest town of Labin. There you will find the famous Loggia on Crć Square (16th c.), astounding Francovich Palace (17th c.), featuring the exhibition of Mathija Vlačić Ilirik, Battiala Lazzarini Palace (17th c.) which hosts the National museum, Sanfior gate (16th c.), a small theatre Teatrino (19th c.) and the remnants of Kunci (Bronze Age). The church of Blessed Virgin Mary's Birth (14th c.), decorated with six valuable marble altars created by the best painters of Croatia and the church of St. Andrew (15th c.) are also must-sees for those interested in architecture. If you have enough time during your Rabac travel, you should also consider excursions to the islands of Cres and Krk, to the town of Pula and National Park Brijuni.

Festivals and cultural events. Rabac festivals will amaze even the pickiest travelers. The fans of science fiction books and films should plan their Rabac travel in the end of March to visit the event called Istrakon which is held in Pazin. The end of March is also blessed with Istrian Spring, a cycling race with the participants from all over Croatia and Europe. The end of April is marked with Voga Teleferika, the annual rowboat contest. Also do not forget about the Festival of Wine in Gračišće (5 Apr.), Carnival in Buzet (14 Feb.) and Oleum Olivarum in Krasica (13 Mar.). The major summer events that cannot be missed during Rabac holidays are the Regatta Cruise, Sailboats Regatta, European Sailing Championship, Fishery Night and, of course, the Summer Carnival.

Beachesc. A plenty of glamorous and well-cared for Rabac beaches are surrounded by aromatic Mediterranean vegetation. A Blue Flag beach Girandella is an ideal place for young people who want to engage in aquatic sports and enjoy wild nightlife. This beach hosts a number of popular Rabac festivals, including the festival of house and techno music. Another popular place is a 500 m long pebble beach Maslinica, which also has a Blue Flag award.

Restaurants. You also have a chance to get to know the flavor of the town's cuisine in excellent Rabac restaurants. If you like sweet desserts with a cup of coffee, go to Zdravljak. Bella Vista is a great place for those who are looking for a wide selection of pizza. Travelers who like restaurants with live music should certainly dine at Pizzeria-Grill near the Hotel Hedera. Conca d'Oro is a nice place for romantic couples.

Active vacations. In addition to ordinary sports like tennis, mini-golf, cycling, volley-ball, horse-back riding and fishing, sport-minded travelers can try such adrenaline sports like mountain climbing, surfing and hunting during their Rabac holidays. Moreover, astonishingly clear waters, vivid sea life, depths rarely exceeding 70 m and a great variety of shipwreck locations make Rabac an exceptional destination for divers.