Best places for rafting in Croatia

Rafting in Croatia is a popular adventure activity that practically everyone can join in. The best Croatian rivers are safe for beginners. The difficulty grade estimating how dangerous the river is is usually no more than 3, which corresponds to the medium level.

The local rafting clubs offer trips for groups of 6 to 16 people providing each person with gear: life jackets, protective helmets and paddles. The raft is accompanied by a professional skipper who first gives a brief tutorial on how to handle the paddles in calm and rapid waters. A rafting trip begins at a calm safe point of the river, so you have enough time to practise before you approach a dangerous spot.

Rafting on Cetina River - Croatia

Rafting in Central Dalmatia. One of the most attractive rivers for rafting in Croatia is the 105 km long Cetina River in Central Dalmatia. The Cetina has a diverse character and flows through meadows and cliffs creating waterfalls, currents, rapids. The water temperature reaching 20°C in summertime is very inviting for swimming.

The starting point for a Cetina trip is near Omis. The most demanding section is a 200 m long tunnel formed by dense vegetation. A very beautiful attraction is the Studenci waterfall that is followed a perilous rapid. More rapids, waterfalls and 3 m high rocks will be passed before you reach the place where the American Winetou western was filmed. The trip usually ends with a nice meal in a restaurant overlooking the old Radman Mills.

Rafting in North Dalmatia. The rafting season on the 69 km long Zrmanja River that skirts Mountain Velebit in North Dalmatia opens in March. Spring is the time of the most thrilling navigation as well as the periods after heavy autumn rains when the water is high. The surroundings are the loveliest in May when the banks are filled with the colours and odours of blossoming flowers. The river abounds with fish, which is a pretty chance for some angling.

Some of the most scenic places are a 200 m deep canyon and the waterfall of Veliki buk that falls from a height of 11 m. There are several mills and a couple of stone bridges, but the most picturesque man-made sight that you come across is the Przunac fortress on top of a rock.

Photo of Rafting in Croatia

Rafting in Karlovac County. The region of Karlovac with its three rivers crossing one another offers a good many starting points for rafting in Croatia. They can be reached from Zagreb, Rijeka or Opatija. The longest of the green water rivers is the Kupa that flows across the picturesque Risnjak National Park serving as a border between wooded mountain slopes and valleys. The greatest excitement is achieved in spring when the water level goes up. If you are not skilled enough it is better to raft down the Kupa in summer.

Another thrilling Karlovac rafting river is the Dobra that is best reached from Opatija. It has ample water all through the season thanks to the combination of lakes and dams that serve accumulation purposes. The Dobra is remarkable for its category 4 rapids that are characteristic of only two Croatian rivers. The third Mreznica River is a wonderful place to enjoy waterfalls and gorges that alternate with calmer sections.