Savudrija Travel Guide

Savudrija is a small village with a population of about 350, which is the westernmost point of Croatia. The settlement is well connected to other places of the Istrian Peninsula and can be easily reached from Umag (9 km).

The territory of Savudrija has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. During Roman times it used to be a port. The village was first mentioned in historical records in the end of the 12th c. The legend says than near Savurija, in 1117, the Venetian Navy won a victory over the Navy of Friedrich Barbarossa and Pope Alexander the III. This victory was later immortalized by Domenico Tintoretto in the Venetian Doge's Palace. Savudrija had been a part of the Piran municipality from 13th c. until it became a part of Istria County in Croatia.

Tourist attractions. The highlight of Savudrija travel is surely the oldest lighthouse of Croatia, supposedly constructed by count Meternich in 1818 as a present to a Croatian noble woman he fell in love with in Vienne. The couple never had the chance to live together here because the woman died of pneumonia shortly before the lighthouse construction was completed. The signal of this lighthouse can be seen from the distance of 32 km. Those who are into ancient history would like to have a look at some notable Roman sites, including a Roman fort and port facilities. Here you will also see famous boat cranes, used for hanging small unmoored boats in order to protect them from the ferocious southwestern wind. To have a look at the remains of the early Medieval settlement of Sipar, head to the south of the village.

Beaches. The coast around the village is surrounded with natural rocky beaches. The Blue Flag beach Savudrija is the most popular one, especially among families with small children and old people. Hide-away beaches for naked bathers are also at hand.

Restaurants. Hard-core seafood lovers are sure to spend a larger part of their Savudrija holidays enjoying local specialties in Savudrija restaurants. Those who would like to try excellent squids with asparagus and polenta should not miss Tavern Porto Salvore. If you chance to dine at Villa Rosetta, order the famous Rosetta liquor with traditional fish dishes of Istria, domestic bread, pasta and cookies. Those whose mouths are watering at the mere thought of shrimps with mushrooms, risotto with scampi, asparagus and grilled fish should go to Tavern Pergola.

Festivals and cultural events. Traditional events that will make your Savudrija travel even more enjoyable include the folk fiesta of St. Mary Magdalene in the nearby village of Zambratija which takes place in the end of July and the Savudrija Nights celebrated in August.

Active vacations. Favorable winds and moderate sea currents make this area a surfer's and a diver's dream come true. Surfers looking for a true adrenaline rush during Savudrija holidays can try catching 3 m high waves in Punta Savudrija, which can be found near Borozija camping. The waters of the Ravna dolina are ideal for inexperienced surfers. If you are willing to play mini golf, tennis, beach volleyball, street basketball or try canoe and paddle boating, go ahead!