Thermal Spa Resorts in Croatia

Spa resorts in Croatia are based on a number of thermal mineral springs and deposits of medicinal mud that are found in the country's hinterland. Each of the springs offers unique healing properties for people seeking recuperation, rehabilitation, rejuvenation or relaxation.

Croatian hot springs have been known for centuries since discovered by the ancient Romans who launched the tradition of building hot baths. Some spas still feature Roman baths within the archaeological sites that can be found in the vicinity of spa complexes. Today's spa centres are fully equipped and professionally staffed, offering to revitalize one's body and soul by means of various health programs and activities.

Thermal spa resorts in Croatia or toplice as they are called locally provide a variety of therapies that have a salutary effect on many chronic conditions, such as rheumatic, gynaecological and neurological illnesses, injuries and diseases of the locomotor system, and promote posttraumatic and postoperative rehabilitation. A wide array of additional services includes massages, electrotherapy, kinesitherapy, thalassotherapy, aromatherapy, etc.

The wellness centres are equipped with outdoor and indoor thermal pools, saunas, jacuzzis, solariums, fitness studios, gyms and sports grounds. There are also beauty programs based on natural ingredients.

Most spa resorts in Croatia are located in the beautiful natural surroundings of northern and eastern regions, such as Croatian Zagorje (Varazdin, Tuhelj, Krapina, Stubica), Slavonia (Bizovac, Daruvar, Topusko) and Istria (Istarske Toplice).

Bizovacke Toplice

The most modernly equipped spa in Croatia Bizovacke Toplice thermal spa resort offers the hottest mineral water in Europe.

Varazdinske Toplice

The oldest thermal resort in Croatia Varazdinske Toplice is well known for the diversity of the health rehabilitation programs.

Daruvarske Toplice

Daruvarske Toplice spa resort located in the central part of the country is famous for its curative mineral mud and the large water park.

Istarske Toplice

Istarske Toplice spa complex contains mineral mud deposits and the thermal water with the high content of sulphur and other minerals.

Krapinske Toplice

Krapinske Toplice thermal spa resort has a rehabilitation clinic, two hotels and a health centre with thermal pools.

Stubicke Toplice

The thermal water of the Stubicke Toplice spa contains an extremely rich composition of natural minerals.

Tuheljske Toplice

Tuheljske Toplice is a well-equiped spa complex with hot sulphurous springs and mineral mud deposits.

Toplice Topusko

The hyperthermal water of Toplice Topusko spa is best used for the treatment of post-traumatic conditions.