Split Tourist Attractions

Split is rich in monuments from all periods of history, but its inner historic nucleus encircled by the walls of Emperor Diocletian's Palace will always remain its primary trademark.

Diocletian's Palace - Split, Croatia

This luxurious rectangular stone complex covering the area of 30 km² is a magnificent well-preserved example of Roman architecture. The most famous place for Split vacations is the Peristyle, a lively inner square surrounded by arched columns that was once used as a ceremonial courtyard. Its eastern side is occupied by the majestic St Domnius's Cathedral that served as an imperial mausoleum in the Roman times. Its belfry towering above the city is one of the symbolic Split attractions and its treasury boasts a rich collection of sacral objects from Croatia's past. The Cathedral faces the Temple of Jupiter, and both of them are guarded by black Egyptian sphinxes dating to the 2nd century BC.

Among the four palace entrances the most prominent are the western Iron Gate with the 24-hour City Clock on the nearby 10th century bell tower, and the main Golden Gate in the north. It features one of the most remarkable attractions in Split, the huge statue of Bishop Gregory of Nin that was created by the celebrated 20th century sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. Many of his works are on display in the Gallery that bears his name and in various locations around the city.

Split's central People's Square is another spectacular place for Split vacations due to an exceptional range of monumental buildings, such as the 16th century Renaissance Karepic Palace or the Venetian-Gothic Cambi Palace. The 15th century City Hall houses the valuable exhibits of the Ethnographic Museum which include lacework, pottery, clothing, jewellery, tools. The nearby City Museum of Split that occupies the 15th century Palapic Palace is also known for its precious artifacts (works of art, furniture, books).

Cathedral of St Domnius - Split, Croatia

Split vacations are a perfect opportunity to visit Croatia's oldest museum that was established in 1820. This is the Archaeological Museum showcasing rich collections of items dating from prehistoric to medieval times. Ancient coins, arms, jewellery, sacral objects are also displayed at the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments. Art admirers use their Split vacations to pay a visit to the Art Gallery and enjoy the huge collections of sculptures, paintings and icons.

The other great Split attractions to be mentioned are the 8th century church of the Holy Trinity, the seaside Franciscan monastery with a valuable art collection. Numerous churches from early Christian and medieval times are scattered over the Marjan hill that has a picturesque pine forest park stretching for 3.5 km. Some of the well-known attractions in Split are located here, such as the 15th century hermitages in caves, a small zoo and the Telegrin vantage point providing an extraordinary panorama of the surroundings.

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