Ston Travel Guide

The magnetic town of Ston with its outlying part of Mali Ston linked by the glorious historical walls is situated at the narrow isthmus joining Peljesac to Croatia's mainland. A Ston travel is also stimulated by its centuries-old traditions of oyster and salt production. The town is easily reachable by bus, train or ferryboat as it is no more than 59 km away from Dubrovnik.

The development of salt fields in Ston was initiated by the Romans. The year of 1333 was crucial for its history as it was purchased by the Dubrovnik Republic that began the construction of the defensive walls to protect the highly profitable salt pans.

Tourist attractions. Holidays in Ston commonly start with the examination of the inner 890 m long and the outer 5 km long walls with their 20 towers and 5 fortresses. Within the walls there are 3 old palaces while a Ston travel of the outside area offers many ruins of medieval churches.

Festivals and cultural events. The great holidays in Ston can be spent during the 6 week Summer Ston festival with plenty of dancing, music, theatrical and fashion shows.

Restaurants. While enjoying your Ston travel it is impossible to resist the temptation of tasting the local oyster and mussel specialties at the famous restaurants of Kod Bace and Kapetanova Kuca also offering the toothsome Ston makaruli cake.

Beaches. The seaside area around Ston is filled with lovely beaches, the most well known being the sandy beach in the Prapratno bay. Located a 3 km distance from the town it has a secluded nudist section nearby.

Active vacations. The water sports facilities for one's Ston holidays focus on the Prapratno and adjacent bays known as excellent sports fishing grounds. Hiking and biking through the miraculous countryside can be interchanged with bowling and volleyball.