Tucepi Travel Guide

Tucepi, the sunny Dalmatian village with nearly 1800 citizens is one of the most attractive resorts in Croatia. It lies along the well-known Makarska Riviera in only 4 km east of Makarska town. The imposing Biokovo Mountain is the northern border of this settlement.

Tucepi, Croatia

Tucepi is a really ancient place with the centuries-old history. It was first inhabited by Illyrians nearly 4 thousand years ago. Since then the territory was developing under Bosnian, Turkish and Venetian influence. The long and eventful history of Tucepi has set a seal on its traditions as well as cultural and historical heritage.

Tourist attractions. The whole village is filled with mysterious spirit of centuries-old legends, secrets and fairy tales. Just walk along its narrow streets with squat houses and various architectural details and you'll feel the unforgettable Mediterranean atmosphere. That's why an exciting Tucepi travel can't go without its impressive fortresses, antique churches, museums and many precious historical monuments. Among the most interesting sights are Necropolis on the slopes of the Sutvid hill (period of Classical Antiquity), recognized the oldest found monument on these lands, The Church of Our Lady's Birth located on the Tucepi cemetery in the south-east of the village. St. George's Church, constructed in 1311, is a building in Romanesque and Gothic styles with interior decorated in bright paintings. Fortified Saric Tower situated on the very foot of Biokovo Mountain, Buselic tower and Lalic tower surrounded by farm buildings, and many others.

Festivals and cultural events. Actually, there are plenty of wonders hidden in this small village. Its natural springs with crystal water, domestic wine cellars, olive plants and thick pine forests won't leave you indifferent. Your Tucepi holidays will be even more exciting than you expect if you spend it in the season of festivals and cultural events. The whole village changes to the mysterious antique town full of bright lights, modern and ancient melodies, singing, funny competitions and fantastic smells. The most popular festival "Tucepi's summer evenings" are held in June.

Restaurants. Tucepi cuisine always provides delicious traditional and European dishes. Tasting hot seafood, flavoured home-made wine and enjoying fantastic sea views is the best way to finish another day of Tucepi travel. The most popular Tucepi restaurants are Antonio, Jeny, Dvorac Varvodic, Tavern Barba.

Beaches. Washed by warm and kind Adriatic Sea, Tucepi is a touristic paradise from May till October. Its Mediterranean climate with mild winter and warm, sunny summer is rather favourable for comfortable Tucepi holidays. Long and pebble Tucepi beaches bathed in genial sunshine and washed by the azure sea are ideal for the whole family. Little children will definitely enjoy the clean and gentle beaches with luxuriant shadows of pine trees.

Active vacations. You have all opportunities for the active holidays in Tucepi. Its largest sports complex "Slatina" has a football field, several tennis courts, handball and basketball playgrounds. You can also find two tennis courts and a bowling center in the other complexes. Tucepi offers the conditions for billiard, sand volleyball, badminton, golf, bicycle traveling, hiking and water activities like diving, wind-surfing, pedal boats and others.