Umag Travel Guide

Acting as the gateway between Croatia and Europe, Umag is a charming Istrian town which attracts visitors by its medieval architecture, unimagined coves and delicious cuisine. Getting there is very easy, especially if you travel by bus. The town is 40 km from Trieste, 150 km from Ljubljana (Slovenia) and 50 nautical miles from Venice.

The first mention of Umag dates back to 7thc. In 8th c. the town was ruled by Franks and in 13th c. it came under Venetian rule. After the downfall of Venice followed the Austrian rule. During World War I the town was occupied by Italian and German troops. In 1954 Umag became a part of Croatia.

Tourist attractions. This town is a real treasure for history lovers. Umag, having inherited the urban medieval structure, can boast of town walls with 10-century gate, Venetian villas, the charming narrow streets and the west tower, which houses the Town Museum featuring a great archaeological collection. One more sight you will not want to miss during your Umag travel is the church of St. Roche, constructed after the epidemics of plague in 1507, which is invaluable for its magnificent oil painting on the wooden ceiling created in 18th c. But the true beauty is the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which lies on the ancient sacral site (6th c.), with the last element being completed in 1760. You will be awestruck when you see its main altar, minor baroque altars, a bell-tower, a wooden Venetian triptych (15th c.), marble statues of St. Peregrine and St.Nicefor.

Festivals and cultural events. A variety of Umag festivals take place during the tourist season. 26th June - 5th July is the period when the whole town is under the spell of the world-renowned Festival of Chamber Theater called "Golden Lion" (Zlatni lav). If organ music is your thing, you should definitely visit the International Festival Organum Histriae held in Umag in the second half of July. 26 Jul - 1 Aug is the time when Umag visitors can watch tennis matches between the best tennis stars of the world at the ATP Croatia Open, one of the most prized events in the tennis realm. Foodie travelers have a chance to enjoy good wine and delicious pilchard at Fisherman Festival. All these jaw-dropping Umag festivals will leave you breathless and eager to come back next year.

Beaches. The allure of marvellous Umag beaches is one more argument in favour of Umag travel. Naturists will love Kanegra beach, situated 10 km away from the town. Katoro town beach is the best place for families with kids. Another attractive place for swimming, sunbathing and having fun is Polynesia beach, surrounded by pine forest.

Restaurants. Foodie travelers will gladly explore local delicacies in Umag restaurants. Antica Torre, which can be found in the old part of the town, is an unavoidable place with heavenly fish dishes, great service and some of the best wines in Croatia on offer. Exceptionally tasty seafood dishes, appetizers and main courses of Konoba Buscina will also leave you satisfied. Gostionica Kopar, Ma-Ni and Passage are the places where you can enjoy really toothsome pizza for reasonable prices.

Active vacations. Umag is famous for the wide range of sport opportunities. Football lovers have 10 football pitches at their disposal during Umag holidays, divers can rent high quality equipment in diving centers to enjoy the undersea world, cycling enthusiasts can ride along the most attractive cycling trails of Istria. The 45 km long Umag Riviera offers the possibilities for Nordic walking and horseback riding. Furthermore, being the number one tennis center in Croatia, the town has more than 60 top quality tennis courts that are often visited by the most famous players of the world, which adds to the popularity of Umag travel.