Varazdinske Toplice

Varazdinske Toplice is the oldest spa resort in Croatia located about 60 km from Zagreb. The history of the spa, which is now completely modernized, dates back to the Roman settlement of Aquae Iasae that gave its name to the archaeological park with the remains of Roman baths.

Photo of Thermal Spa Resort Varazdinske Toplice in Croatia

The Varazdin spa is known for its peloid and natural springs of healing thermal water with the surface temperature of 58°C. The water is rich in fluorine and sulphur, a composition that in combination with other ingredients has been proven to successfully cure neurological disturbances, rheumatic, orthopedic and other locomotor system diseases, different traumatic conditions.

Varaždinske Toplice - Croatia

The rehabilitation hospital and the modern Minerva centre in Varazdinske Toplice offer a variety of medical and wellness programs with much emphasis on thermo and hydro therapies that are applied in two outdoor and three indoor pools where the thermal water is conveyed right from the spring. There are also facilities for electrotherapy, a fitness centre, a solarium, a sauna and numerous sports grounds.