Vis Town Travel Guide

If you are itching to explore the Middle Dalmatia, why not choose Vis travel?

Vis is the oldest Dalmatian town, situated on the island of Vis.

There are two ferry lines from Split to the Vis island, one of which enables you to bring your car with you.

Founded in the 4th c. B.C. by the Siracusian tyrant Dionisius, Polis Issa remained the most significant Adriatic city-state for the next four centuries. The town's name was first documented in the 12th century. Although Vis was ruled by the Greeks, Romans, Italians, French, English, Austrians, the Croatian identity of the town inhabitants was preserved. The tourists were given the chance to spend their holidays in Vis only after the island's demilitarization at the beginning of the war in Croatia (1991-1995).

Vis town, Croatia

Tourist attractions. Vis is certainly a treat for travelers interested in the history of Croatia. During their Vis holidays they will see such breathtaking attractions as the remains of the Greek Cemetery (400 BC), the remains of the Roman thermae with their mosaics (2c. AD), the Town Museum, the Wellingtonian fort (1810), and George III Fort (1813). The concrete bunker that used to be a base for some of Croatia's submarines can be taken in at the back of the Rogacic bay. It would also be a loss if you left unvisited such sights as a small Venetian Tower near the ferry pier, the Garibaldi Palace, British War Cemetery with memorials to the soldiers who died in the Napoleon War and in WWII, and the remains of an Austrian bastion called the Battery of Our Lady. The church of St.Ciprian and Justine on Kut, the Franciscan monastery on Prirovo, the pre Romanic Church of St. Jurje, and finally the Church of St. Marija in Podselju should be visited by sacral architecture fans during their Vis holidays.

Festivals and cultural events. The town has some special events organized throughout the year. If you enjoy theatrical performances, you are recommended to go there in May to visit the International Festival of Amateur Theatre. The Cultural Summer of Vis is also worth seeing. If sailing is your thing, schedule your Vis travel in October to see or take part in local regatta.

Restaurants in Vis. Even surly gourmands would have to admit that the food served in this town is the best Dalmatian food you will ever taste, should you spend your holidays in Vis. Taste an extremely delicious dish Pojorski bronzinic in the best restaurant of Vis, Pojoda, located in one of the traditional Kut palaces. Kod Paveta will cheer you up with family atmosphere. Limoncello, a multi-level outdoor restaurant made of stone and wood, and Villa Kaliopa are also worth visiting during your Vis travel.

Beaches. Vis' Hawaii is Stoncica, a magnificent sandy beach with a beautiful lighthouse, located 6km from the town. Sandy beaches fans will also love the beach Zaglav located 10 km south of town, near Milna village. Those who are looking for peace should go to an idyllic pebble beach just beyond the British War Cemetery. The beaches of Parja, Rogacic, Mala and Vela Svitnja are also beautiful.

Active vacations. Active travelers will be satisfied by the sport offer of Vis. Sailing, cricket and paragliding clubs, two diving-centers, tennis courts, basketball and football fields are at their disposal.