Weather in Croatia in August

The weather in August can be so hot and sticky that sometimes one may believe the country has no ozone layer. Fortunately, the heat wave passes through from time to time and the weather becomes much more comfortable. The average daytime temperature along the coast is 28°C-31°C. If travelling in August take not only a hat, but also an umbrella for sun protection. Sunscreen is a must – if you don't use one you might get torched. As for the rain, the weather has no clear pattern and everything depends on how the wind is blowing. Sea surface temperatures are exceptionally high, regularly reaching 28°C because of warm currents moving north up the Adriatic coast. However, at the depth of only 5m it drops to low teens. If you are planning to dive, you must have a 5 mm, or even a 7 mm wet suit with a hood.

Those who can't stand heat and the view of crowded beaches can have a refreshing vacation in the higher mountainous areas of Central Croatia, where you can expect the mercury to be 15°C-20°C. Hiking, trekking, mountaineering – choose anything you like.

Travellers who are going to take enviable photos must have a polarizing filter in their cameras due to the heavy sun and lightly colored skies. Since sunsets are terrific, a neutral density filter will also be handy.

In terms of lodging, if you don't book ahead, don't expect much near the coast. On the contrary, in continental parts of the country you can find a place to stay in without booking in advance. Budget travelers should better visit Croatia in shoulder season, since August is one of the most expensive months.

As the tourist season reaches its culmination in August, cultural events will be in abundance. Those who would like to join a gastronomic feast, accompanied by cultural and music performances, visit Privlaka, and see how this small settlement near Zadar celebrates "Privlaka Night". A great option for cinematography lovers would be a visit to the annual international film festival in Motovun.

Average temperatures in Croatia in August
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