Weather in Croatia in December

If you have several weeks off in December, you can consider having marvelous holidays in Croatia. Affordable prices and no crowds of tourists are enough reasons for such a choice.

Although the December weather is fairly chilly, you won't find it unbearably cold. Naturally, you will need winter clothing. In the continental regions it can often snow so that boots would be necessary, but in the coastal areas, you are unlikely to see snow or rain. The further north you go along the coast, the colder it gets. Inland of Croatia has an average daytime temperature of 4°C-6°C, whereas on the coast it is 10°C-12°C. Needless to say, that the weather is not favourable for swimming – only the hardest souls will venture into water (14°C-15°C). The nights can be really cold, regardless of the location. Since it might be difficult to keep warm in some places, warm pyjamas is a must. Heating systems in many hotels are not efficient enough, so check this issue in advance to prevent your holiday from being a disaster.

If you have a vague idea about where to stay, consider Dubrovnik. It is rather warm there, compared to other places, and its hotels don't shut down for the winter since the tourists never stop arriving. If you have been to Dubrovnik and would like to go somewhere else, you should better focus on large cities like Zagreb or Split, where you wont't be the only tourist around. Don't choose small coastal towns and islands (except Hvar) because there will be nothing to do there and nowhere to stay.

In terms of festivals, performances, and concerts, there will not be a lot "going on" in the beginning of the month. However, the last week of December can be really hot. Young people are likely to be attracted by the Ministry of Sound, the greatest clubbing event held in Split on New Year's Eve.

Average temperatures in Croatia in December
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