Weather in Croatia in July

The weather in this month is almost a certainty, with the temperatures often reaching 31ºC. Sea breezes don't let the heat become intolerable. As for the sea temperature, it regularly hits the mark of 26°C. The rain is a rare occasion in July, which enables tourists to squeeze maximum amount of sunshine. This is the right time for baking on chaise longues and enjoying a wide range of water-related activities. The winds typical for July are northwestern winds of light variable direction, which bring about calm weather. Thus, sailing fans are not likely to feel adrenaline pumping in their veins this time of the year. However, the weather is favourable for those who are into motoring.

If you decide to go to Croatia in July, be ready to face the lodging prices higher up to 35% than usual. Lodging is somewhat cheaper in the towns of Dalmatia, but you should make arrangements in advance. The tourist madness can be explained by the traditional European vacation schedules which wonderfully coincide with the best summer weather in Croatia.

One of the advantages of July travel is additional boat lines to get you to the islands and organised excursions to take you to difficult-to-reach highlights. However, most places will be uncomfortably crowded, and sightseeing-oriented tourists are likely to spend more enjoyable time during the shoulder season, with much more attractive deals, fewer crowds, and near-perfect weather.

The cultural season is in its height, with every festival imaginable to choose from. For example, those who are seeking something extraordinary can visit Vsrar, known for Koversada, the biggest naturist camp in Europe, and join the celebrations of Casanova Fest, organized in the memory of the famous lover Jakomo Casanova, who visited the town twice. Tourists who would love to see politicians and celebrities competing in gastronomic contest Brodetto Cup should go to Medulin, a town situated about 10 km south of Pula.

Average temperatures in Croatia in July
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