Weather in Croatia in June

If you don't really like hot weather and too many tourists, but still would like to get a suntan and enjoy comfortable swimming, go to Croatia in June. The weather will let you enjoy any kind of outdoor activity you like. Those who like diving should have some idea about sea temperature in June. They are likely to feel comfortable wearing 5 or 7 mm wetsuit with a hood. However, deep diving enthusiasts (30m or more) shoud prepare for chilly water (16°C and less) and they are recommended to bring a drysuit with them. The weather is also ideal for sailing, with rather solid winds blowing mainly from the South and South-East. Mornings tend to be still and the wind gets stronger in the afternoon. Moreover, June is probably the best choice for cruising holidays due to reasonable prices and comfortable weather conditions.

The average daytime temperature in continental regions is 24°C and on the coast it's 25°C-27°C. Still, there would be some really hot days, with temperature reaching as high as 30°C. Rainfall is rare, with a monthly volume not exceeding 90 mm. Thus, sun worshippers will enjoy a lot of sunny days.

The summer craze has not yet started, but all the tourist businesses are open. Accordingly, visitors can expect more attractive prices, especially, when it comes to accommodation. All the ferries are running according to their summer schedules facilitating the access to Croatia's islands.

Travelers who are planning to visit Croatia in June can expect a plethora of festivals taking place everywhere. For instance, check out Rijeka for the Hartera Music Festival, which is well-known in Europe. Those eager to touch the essence of Croatian culture should join the festivities of Novalja Culture Summer, an impressive event rich in various concerts, competitions, art exhibitions, and shows.

Average temperatures in Croatia in June
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