Weather in Croatia in September

This month is considered to be the best time for visiting Croatia. On the one hand, it is not as crowded as during summer and accommodation is up to 30% cheaper. On the other hand, the weather is pleasantly mild, sunny, and beach friendly.

In the coastal regions the air temperature in September is normally only about 5 degrees cooler than in August, seldom dropping below 25°C. One can expect more precipitation than during summer months, but it rains less than during any of the winter months. For example, Dalmatia receives a bit less than 102 mm of rain in September. However, northern parts of Croatia might get more rain. The humidity wouldn't be a problem in the daytime, with the average relative humidity registered of about 63%. Still, the weather is marked by rather humid and cool evenings and nights, so you will certainly need a light jacket.

The sea water is much warmer than in May, which makes swimming and diving particularly comfortable in spite of the cooler temperatures. In September you are likely to enjoy the Jugo wind, which brings moist and warm air from the sea through the coastal areas into continental regions. This is the time when winds start getting stonger, and the season of real sailing starts. Those who enjoy cruising can benefit from low prices and have an unforgettable island cruise by Croatia wooden gullets flotilla. Although September is low season (especially, its second half), ferries run according to the summer schedule, making it easy to travel from island to island.

Those who are shopping around for events should consider visiting the World Theatre Festival which takes place in Zagreb. If you always dreamt of listening to live organ music, go to the city of Umag during the second week of the month and enjoy "Organ day in Istria". Young people will certainly love a new music festival "Stop Making Sense", organized in Petrcane.

Average temperatures in Croatia in September
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