Best places for windsurfing in Croatia

Lovers of adventure water sports have a good selection of seaside locations where they can practice windsurfing in Croatia. There are many well-known destinations that offer perfect wind conditions for both professionals and amateurs who come to catch the right wind.

Windsurfing in Croatia - Croatia

Every windsurfing location has its own club or school where you can take a course to learn the balancing techniques or improve your skills. Those who are mesmerized by windsurfers’ manoeuvers but are not sure if they can ever produce anything like that are offered test courses to help them take a decision. Fun courses for kids aged 7 or older are also available. Windsurfing equipment can be rented at the clubs or right at the beaches, including surfboards, sails, wet suits, boots, gloves and trapezes.

Windsurfing in Kvarner Bay. Island of Krk located in Kvarner Bay is regarded as one of the best windsurfing spots for both skilled and inexperienced surfers. The quiet sheltered bay of Punat on the southern side of Krk is perfect for a start thanks to the mild northern Bura wind and the southern Jugo wind. The section of the bay next to the marina gathers windsurfers once the Bura starts to blow, while the opposite side of the bay is the right place when it is time for the Jugo. The 2 km long gravel beach of Baska that is 15 km away from Punat attracts adventurous professionals who are competent and brave enough to handle the strong Bura and 1.5 m high waves.

Windsurfing in Central Dalmatia. Many tourists opting for windsurfing in Croatia choose Bol on the island of Brac as their primary destination. This is a world-famous windsurfing and kitesurfing centre that is located on one of Europe's finest beaches called Zlatni Rat. The continually blowing western Maestral wind, which is weaker in the morning, gathers strength in the afternoon and creates ideal conditions for gliding over the waves. The gentle morning Levanat wind is another chance for amateurs to master the art.

Photo of Windsurfing in Croatia

Windsurfing in South Dalmatia. The small settlement of Viganj on the Peljesac Peninsula has been known as a great windsurfing destination for years as it hosted both European and World championships and is the venue for annual national cups. Its best advantage is the favourable geographical position in the centre of a narrow channel that separates Peljesac from Island Korcula, which makes the Maestral wind double its strength. The mornings in Viganj are characterized by milder winds that suit beginners while advanced surfers prefer to wait until afternoon. Occasional storms bring still stronger winds that are a real challenge to any professional.

Windsurfing in Istria. A popular place to struggle the waves is the village of Savudrija on the Umag Riviera in the north-west of Istria. This widely known location for windsurfing in Croatia is visited by skilled surfers who know the ins and outs of this challenging sport. The coastal surroundings are really picturesque thanks to the oldest Adriatic lighthouse that dates from 1818 and is 29 m high. One more popular site is next to the Borozija campground. Whichever you choose you have to be prepared for strong Jugo, Tramontana or Bura winds that can create waves up to 3 m high.