Capital of Croatia - city of Zagreb

Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, is situated in a picturesque inland location framed by the Sava River and Medvednica Mountain in the northwestern part of the country. The pleasant climate, the advantageous geographical and economic position, an exceptional cultural offer have made this large old bustling city a great tourist destination.

The starting point for a Zagreb travel is the international airport in Pleso 17 km from the city. Shuttle buses connect it with the city bus terminal that is within 20 minutes’ walking distance from the central square. Located still closer to the centre is the railway station that links Zagreb to European capitals and home towns. The city is also easily reachable by car, which is convenient for a journey to or from the seacoast (170 km).

The beauty of Zagreb squares and streets, parks and promenades is intensified by charming medieval architecture, amazing monuments, numerous galleries and museums that go alongside of modern businesses, cosy cafes, various shopping malls, buzzing outdoor markets. The best gifts to bring home from a Zagreb travel are famous local fountain pens, neckties as well as ceramics, crystalware, cosmetics, cakes, etc.

The Lenucci's or Green Horseshoe is a unique string of parks and gardens that run from the centre and are the finest in Croatia. The largest is Maksimir Park, a vast stretch of wooded land enriched with four ponds and a zoo. The Nature Park occupying the sides of Mount Medvednica is a great recreation area with magnificent views and winter and summer facilities for a sports Zagreb travel. An enormous collection of plants, small animals, amphibians, birds, butterflies can be studied in the city's Botanical Gardens. Peaceful strolls for romantic couples are offered along the Strossmayer promenade.

History of Zagreb

The early years of Zagreb go back to the Roman town of Andautonia that fell into decay about 600 AD; its partially preserved ruins can be still be explored during your Zagreb travel. Today's city originates from the Middle Ages when two settlements were founded on the adjacent hills. The eparchy of Kaptol was created by the Hungarian king Ladislas in 1094 while the nearby Gradec was a place of commerce and crafts.

During the Tatar incursion of 1242 when both towns were ravaged the people of Gradec saved the Hungarian king Bela IV who granted autonomy and many privileges to the town. After a period of prosperity the continual warfare with the Turks, epidemics and fires ruined the towns’ economy and in the beginning of the 17th century they united into a single city of Zagreb which was proclaimed the capital of Croatia. However, the economic situation was still bad and in 1756 the government moved to Varazdin for the next twenty years.

It was not until the 19th century that the city was revived. In 1850 Kaptol and Gradec merged with the nearby villages and the expansion continued well into the 20th century and after the world wars. In 1991 Zagreb became the main city of the newly emerged Croatian state.