Zaostrog Travel Guide

Zaostrog, Croatia, is a tourist village of the Makarska Riviera, surrounded by the slopes of Mt.Biokovo with magnificent beaches. Zaostrog travel will certainly exceed your expectations due to its incredible nature, clean air, wonderful beaches, and delicious cuisine.

Zaostrog, Croatia

You can reach Zaostrog by bus from Split.

Although Zaostrog was documented for the first time in 1494, the place was settled in prehistoric times. During medieval times Zaostrog used to be one of the larger towns in the State of Pagania and was called "Ostrog". Ostrog was located at a high point near Mali Viter, and later a new settlement Zaostrog emerged below the hill of Sapasnik. In the 17th c. local people started to move from the upper settlement to the coastline, and in 1962 everyone relocated to the area along the sea because of an earthquake.

Tourist attractions. There are things to explore during your Zaostrog holidays. For a taste of history visit an old Franciscan monastery of St. Marija founded in 14th c. by the monks of St. Augustin. It keeps a museum, a botanical garden, a collection of art exhibits (16th-18th c.), an ethnological collection, and a library containing a great part of the older Croatian literature. Pay a visit to the Gothic church of St. Barbara on the local cemetery, the church of St. Margarita (15th c.), the church of St.Roccus (17th c.) to get insight into the heritage of the area.

Festivals and cultural events. Zaostrog holidays will be a pleasant surprise to all those who wanted to break free from the noise of the city. Since there are no special events in Zaostrog, nothing will disturb their rest. As for those who love various festivities, they will not feel bad either. They can visit such nearby cultural centers of Croatia as Makarska (34km) and Split (94km) to find any amusements they like there.

Restaurants. The village is filled with restaurants, pizzerias, exotic cafes, fast food bars, saloons catering to all tastes whether you like Dalmatian cuisine or something more common such as pizza or hamburger. Some of the most popular places are the restaurants "Adriatic" and "Bracera".

Active vacations. For the sports minded, the village offers a variety of outdoor activities from tennis to water sports. Moreover, Zaostrog travel won't disappoint those who enjoy mountaineering, cave exploring, and hunting. All these sport activities are possible due to the vicinity of the Mt.Biokovo.

When you leave Croatia you may wonder why you hadn't thought about Zaostrog travel before.