Best places to visit in Croatia

Being the popular European country for beach holidays, Croatia has a great amount of places, which are worth visiting. The most of them are in the list of unique cultural and natural beauties of our planet. That's why the tourists going to Croatia only for lying on the beach are doing a great mistake, they are missing an opportunity to visit the places, that they will never forget: the ancient cities, beautiful natural parks, Roman heritage monuments, medieval palaces and fortresses. Visiting these places will be an unique experience for any traveller and will help you personally to feel the spirit of Croatia.

Dubrovnik Old City

The gorgeous heritage of the medieval period of the Croatian history the city of Dubrovnik is now considered the number one tourist spot and the most romantic place in Croatia. The monumental walls surrounding the city are well preserved, its towers and fortresses look so powerful, that you are feeling like you are in the Middle Ages. The breathtaking view of Dubrovnik town opens from the defensive walls or from the cable car, which takes tourists to the top of Srd mountain.

Plitvice Lakes

This absolutely wild and untouched natural phenomenon is the most famous national park in Croatia and must-see place for any tourist. Try to imagine, the 16 crystal clear lakes of different sizes linked with enormous amount of waterfalls, surrounded by dense forest. The Plitvice Lakes is the best place to visit for those, who like romantic walks and boat ride along the lake.

Diocletian's Palace, Split

The well-preserved example of Roman architecture the Diocletian's Palace formed the historical core of the city of Split. Enormous palace was built by Emperor Diocletian in 3rd - 4th centuries AD and later in the Middle Ages the city was built within the walls of the palace. The Mausoleum of Diocletian was rebuild and now it's the Cathedral church of St Doimus, Roman temples became the churches and many other great buildings and palaces was built around the Diocletian's Palace.


The most picturesque town in Croatian coast of Adriatic sea, Rovinj is the beautiful example of small medieval settlement, surrounded by sea waters from the three sides. The center part of it stands on the small peninsula, indented into the sea, the colored houses hover just above the water, narrow stone paved streets stretch to the top of the hill, to the St Euphemia Cathedral, from where opens the amazing view on the coastline and nearby islands.

Arena, Pula

Built in the 1st century AD, the Roman amphitheater Arena in Pula is the most impressive antic monument in this part of Adriatic and one of the best places to visit for tourists coming to Croatia. Three tiers of arches is standing in the middle of the modern buildings, near the beautiful park, right by waterfront. Nowadays Arena works not only as the tourist attraction, it hosts many cultural events, annual festivals, concerts and shows.

Hvar Island

Located near the Split city, the island of Hvar perfectly combines the mild climate, amazing landscapes, splendid beaches and old cities, known by their valuable monuments from all historical periods. The biggest settlement on the island is the town of Hvar, which now considered the popular yacht port and one of the best places in Croatia for sailing due to its suitable location and great amount of small picturesque islands nearby.


Not far from Dubrovnik is situated the island of Korcula, well known as a place of birth of Marco Polo. The biggest city on the island, which is also named Korcula, is the architectural pearl of the region. The view on fortified medieval walls and gorgeous Cathedral of St. Marco dominating over the town, will impress anyone, who visit this unique place. The beautiful sandy beaches can be found in Lumbarda village.

Gornji Grad, Zagreb

Gornji Grad also called the Upper Town is the old center of Croatian capital, which holds all historical attractions and the most significant museums of Zagreb. The monumental Zagreb's Cathedral, the St. Mark's Church, the Parliament building, the City Museum are neighboring with the numberless restaurants, cafes, shops, which are so popular among tourists.


Famous for its unique Sea Organ, the old town of Zadar has other valuable places to visit, many of them are very ancient. So, the partly preserved remnants of Roman Forum you can find near the church of Saint Donat, the medieval buildings of St. Lawrence church and City Lodge are situated in the People's Square.


Situated in North Croatia, the town of Varazdin is the perfect combination of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings, which forms the historical core of the town. The Herzer Palace, the Sermage Palace and the absolutely picturesque medieval Gothic-Renaissance castle, so called the Old Town of Varazdin, built in 14th century, are included in the list of the best places to visit in Croatia. Now they work as the museums.